JUST IN: Trump Supporters Allegedly Beat LGBT Activists In Vicious Saturday Night Attack (IMAGES)


A vicious confrontation broke out Saturday night on the streets of New York when a group of Trump supporters allegedly attacked a group of LGBT activists.

The activists were said to be celebrating the conclusion of a three month long effort hosted by “Decolonize This Place,” described on its Facebook page as “a movement space, action-oriented around indigenous struggle, black liberation, Free Palestine, workers and de-gentrification.”

A group of Trump supporters wearing “Blue Lives Matter” bracelets reportedly confronted the celebrating activists while shouting “Trump Trump Trump!” and “Blue lives matter!”

These Trump supporters then are said to have begun to viciously beat the victims, while onlookers called for medics and the police.

The incident left several activists seriously injured, although none of their injuries were life threatening. Witnesses say that police “broke up” the brawl, but no reports have surfaced about any legal action against the perpetrators of the violence.

An activist named Colin Ashley, who was victimized in the attack, described what happened, saying:

‘I grappled with one of [the attackers] after he had sucker punched one of the members of our group… What’s important to remember is that these guys specifically targeted us as a mixed group of gay men and women of color. They yelled “faggot,” told others “go back” to where they’re from and specifically pointed to me and yelled: “He’s a fucking faggot.”‘

Another, anonymous activist commented of the underpinnings of the attack:

‘I don’t even want to say [the Trump supporting attackers] are alt-right because it politicizes the narrative when it’s really just queer bashing. The media is going to look at it like it’s the radical left versus the alt-right, but people can ostensibly see that the people that were targeted were queer, black and non-cisgender.’

What Michael Basillas had to say about the situation was probably the bleakest assessment possible, although he is painfully on point, noting:

‘This is what we’re going to be doing for the next four years.’

Journalist Alexander Rubinstein, who personally spoke to witnesses and victims of the alleged attack, posted a selection of images of the victims’ injuries to his Twitter account, which are featured below.

Other images are featured in his Medium post showcasing personal testimony from the victims.

Featured Image via Bilgin Sasmaz/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images.