Trump Has DELUSIONAL Sunday Night Twitter Freak Out, He’s Completely Lost It (TWEET)


Donald, shut up.

The president-elect fired off a wild tweet Sunday evening, claiming that his supporters are the peaceful ones and Clinton supporters — who Trump calls “those who lost the election” — are the violent ones.

He wrote, “If my supporters acted and threatened people like those who lost the election are doing, they would be scorned and called terrible names!”

Really, Donald? Really? Are the mood swings that accompany your Narcissistic Personality Disorder troubling you that much lately that you’ve been catapulted into the alternate reality that underlies that tweet?

“If my supporters.. threatened people.” If? Can you read the news, Donald? Do you need new glasses? Is that why you’ve been skipping your daily intelligence briefings — because you need glasses?

Maybe it’s hearing aids? Perhaps the president-elect needs hearing aids.

If only it was that.

It’s the supporters of Donald Trump who have targeted members of minority communities across the nation with death threats and violence.

It’s the supporters of Donald Trump who have sent millions of children across the United States into a panic over what will happen to them once he becomes president.

After all, these children ask themselves, if they’re immigrants, or Muslim, or LGBT, or anything other than uneducated¬†white redneck hillbilly American, what place do they have in Donald Trump’s America?

The president-elect has certainly done nothing to provide any sort of answer to that question, preferring to instead spend months on end railing about the “criminals and rapists” among the Mexican immigrant populations and the imaginary national security threat that Muslim populations pose to the United States.

The supporters of Hillary Clinton — those who “lost the election” — have no part in any of that, even though such is exactly what the president-elect is suggesting with his tweet.

Shut up, Donald, and see a psychiatrist. You’re delusional.

Featured Image via Mark Wallheiser/ Getty Images.