BREAKING: Truck Plows Into Christmas Street Market Killing ‘Several’ And Injuring At Least 50


“Many people” are injured and  “many [are] unconscious on the ground” after a truck plowed right into a Christmas street market in Berlin, Germany.

A witness to the incident posted an image of the destruction on social media, noting that “there is no road nearby.”

Emma Rushton wrote, in a tweet featured below, “Lorry just ploughed through Christmas market in #berlin. There is no road nearby. People crushed. I am safe. I am safe.”

A video of the scene taken by a member of the local media is below.

A witness wrote on Twitter, “Truck drives into a crowded Christmas Market in Germany’s Berlin. Many people injured. Many unconscious on the ground. Reports of a shot.”

There is no official word yet as to why the incident took place, but reports suggest that the incident was a terror attack.

The closest estimation so far as to the number of injured and dead, as reported by Reuters on Twitter, is that “several” people were killed and “up to 50” people were injured.

CNN puts the number of dead at nine, citing local authorities.

A birds eye view image of the scene is below.

This Monday incident in Berlin is heavily reminiscent of the gruesome attack earlier this year in Nice, France, that left nearly 100 people dead.

In that incident, carried out on a French national holiday, an attacker who turned out to be an ISIS inspired extremist drove a large truck straight into a crowd of people watching a fireworks display. ISIS officially claimed responsibility for the attack shortly after it took place.

As this is a rapidly developing story, make sure to check back for updates.