Rachel Maddow Compares Trump Transition To ‘Star Wars’ Bar Scene, Goes Viral (VIDEO)


Rachel Maddow nailed it once again when it comes to describing the way our official President-elect Donald J. Trump is handing out positions to his current picks.

In her show on Monday, she started by highlighting that Trump did officially win the presidency with 270 electoral votes. With that, she revealed that the current staff of the national security council is exiting.

With so many horrible attacks happening yesterday, American National Security Council spokespeople were busy giving out their statements. Maddow broke it down, listing the Trump picks who would be taking those positions shortly and begin dealing with these situations.

Referring to the assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey in Ankara:

‘When this terrible assassination happened today in front of all those people in Turkey and when that truck went smashing into that Christmas market today just hours later in Berlin, the statements of condemnation and condolence were issued by the spokesmen for the national security council, for the current iteration of the national security council.’

Soon, the person making these statements will be Monica Crowley, Trump’s pick for senior director of strategic communications for the National Security Council.

‘The plan right now is that in the new administration, the national security spokesperson will be a Fox News commentator, who has in the past maintained that President Obama is not really black, he’s faking it. She’s also suggested that President Obama faked his birth certificate.’

And her boss will be General Michael Flynn as national security adviser.

‘The national security adviser to whom she will report was found by the army to have “inappropriately shared classified information with foreign military officers.” He publicly accused Hillary Clinton of being a child rapist, and he was on the payroll of the government of Turkey while serving as a top adviser to the Trump campaign without ever publicly disclosing that fact.’

And that’s when Rachel Maddow beautifully compared these picks to Star Wars bar scene back deals.

‘And the Gong Show/Star Wars bar scene quality of the Trump transition, particularly on national security issues, honestly to me most days it is usually something approaching funny.’

Of course, she’s referring to Chalmun’s Cantina or Mos Eisley Cantina located on the planet of Tatooine in Mos Eisley, which is described as a “pirate city.” It was full of unsavory characters and is where Obi-wan Kenobi makes a deal with Han Solo, a smuggler, to fly them to Alderaan.

Rachel Maddow finished:

‘But, it is national security, and it is hard and dangerous and fraught with peril even in good times. But right now, what they are inheriting, these are not good times.

On national security, I am literally praying that the transition gets better than what it is right now.’

Watch: Rachel Maddow reports on Donald Trump’s terrifying national security picks.


Featured image via screen grab via The Rachel Maddow Show (with modifications).