Vladamir Putin’s Remarks On The Electoral College Will Make Your Blood Boil (DETAILS)


Eric Garland, a “strategic analyst for businesses and government agencies,” has just dug up a stunning piece of news from years past. Vladimir Putin slammed the electoral college in a set of 2014 remarks.

Garland’s find is ironic.

After all, criticism of the electoral college has been harsh in the past weeks from U.S. interests opposed to Trump, since the businessman lost the national popular vote total by almost 3 million votes and yet is going to become the next president.

Trump managed to win enough densely populated states to give him a winning margin in the electoral college, since densely populated states have more electoral college members than less densely populated states.

Putin however, unlike the interests to voice opposition to the electoral college most recently, likes Trump. Cyberattacks on the U.S. Democratic Party carried out by Kremlin-directed Russian hackers are widely seen as helping push Trump to victory, and the Russian leader has shown his support for the man who is now president-elect more publicly on other occasions as well.

He was, for example, among the very first world leaders to call and congratulate Trump after he was declared the winner of the presidential election.

Yet this same man, who is a former head of the KGB, is also among those who have denounced the U.S. electoral college system.

If you don’t even have Vladimir Putin on your side, then you can be well assured that whatever is that you’re doing is grossly out of line.

The remarks from the Russian leader that Garland dug up were delivered at a 2014 “lengthy question and answer session” at the Valdai International Discussion Club in Sochi.

As The Washington Post reported in 2014, Putin ridiculed America’s criticism of the way Russia does things politically while the Western nation still clings to the electoral college system, saying, “There is no true democracy there, and you are trying to convince us that we are not [democratic]?”

The paper goes on to note that his 2014 remarks aren’t the only time the Russian leader has expressed harsh criticism of the electoral college, having said privately to then-president George W. Bush all the way back in 2005, “You talk about [Mikhail] Khodorkovsky, and I talk about Enron. You appoint the Electoral College and I appoint governors. What’s the difference?”

Featured Image via Ma Ping – Pool/ Getty Images.