Bill Maher Rips Donald Trump A New As*hole During VERY Intense Rant (VIDEO)


The host of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher gets plenty of opportunity to weigh in on politics on his highly rated and award-winning talk show, but the show has been on hiatus since just after President-elect Trump secured his win. Trump has given the comedian a lot of material to cover since then.

Maher, who was once sued by the new president-elect for questioning whether Trump’s father was secretly an orangutan, said that the thought of Trump with real power is “nerve-wracking.”

‘Other presidents are not like this cat, you know? I mean, George Bush hated me and I hated him, but no matter how bad they were, the Republicans, it was like a glass-bottomed boat. I’m looking at those sharks but they can’t really get me. And now I feel like the shark can get me, or anybody.’

Maher slammed Trump for his cabinet choices (“The appointments are from Opposite Land”), the future of marijuana legalization under a Trump presidency (“Don’t p*ss off your old dealer”), and Trump’s tweets (“It’s just insane that he can’t let anything go”). What seemed most concerning to Maher, though, is Trump’s obvious connection with Russia and the foreign country’s interference in the democratic process during the 2016 election, which Maher calls a “slow-moving coup.”

‘The Russia issue, to me, is the one that’s going to show where the Republican Party is…this is a foreign country that attacked us. Yes, it’s a cyberattack, but that’s the world we live in now. If you can’t get behind opposing that, you are not a patriot and you are certainly not a good American.’

Although Maher stated that he did believe Russian interference had an effect on the outcome of the election, he also called out the Democratic Party for it’s own failures. Ignoring the crowds of young voters flocking to Bernie Sanders while pushing a candidate who was clearly not “where the energy” was should be noted as their biggest failing, in Maher’s opinion, and he had a suggestion for the candidate Democrats should run for president in 2020.

‘[LIEUTENANT Governor of California]Gavin Newsom…people vote for a tall, good-looking guy and he’s ballsy. You know, he’s been on the right end of issues here in California before they were popular. I don’t see anybody in the party who would be a better candidate.’

For the entire interview, see video below:

Featured image screengrab via YouTube