BREAKING: Trump Hotel Workers Win MAJOR Victory, Donald Left FURIOUS (DETAILS)


Workers at Donald Trump’s Las Vegas hotel have just won a major victory against the controversial businessman turned political leader’s attempts at keeping them in the most downtrodden, profit maximization centered conditions possible.

The workers have just brought a long battle with hotel management to a close and struck a deal to allow the implementation of local union’s demands into the operation of the hotel.

CNN reported on Wednesday:

‘Unions representing food, bar and housekeeping workers at the Trump International Hotel Las Vegas said Wednesday that they had agreed with management on a four-year contract including wage increases, a pension, family health care and job security.’

Management at the Las Vegas hotel has fought against demands that they recognize the unionization of the hotel’s workers for over a year, ever since the workers first voted to unionize.

They based their initial refusal on a completely false allegation that the workers had been “intimidated” into voting Yes in favor of their unionization. The National Labor Relations Board, however, ruled in the workers’ favor in November, thus forcing the hotel’s management to recognize their unionization.

Lest you think that the president-elect didn’t have anything to do with this attack on workers’ rights that played out in his Las Vegas hotel, CNN added in a stunning detail of the case to prove you wrong.

After all, Trump has such a large business empire that it was just lower rung management who wasn’t in touch with the big boss that was fighting against workers’ rights to unionize, right?


Trump’s very own lawyers challenged the National Labor Relations Board’s ruling that forced open the way for the Las Vegas hotel’s management to recognize the unionization of its workers.

That challenge came to an end with Wednesday’s announcement about the deal that was struck between the workers and the management.

It is deeply and disturbingly ironic that cases like this one abound in both Trump’s past and the past of those he surrounds himself with. Trump, after all, campaigned on a platform of supposedly being the candidate of working class America.

Take Trump’s pick for Secretary of Labor, for instance, a position whose occupant is ostensibly supposed to be someone concerned with protecting the interests of American laborers, rather than just the interests of American business executives.

Trump, however, picked fast food CEO Andrew Puzder to serve as his Secretary of Labor. Puzder has a long history of opposition to such basic provisions of labor policy as the minimum wage.

And this case with Trump’s Las Vegas highlights an issue even broader than Trump’s businesses’ sickening hesitancy to respect workers’ rights.

The president-elect maintains a massive real estate empire that basically circles the globe. This real estate empire is chock full of cases like this one, and guess what?

Once Trump officially assumes the presidency in January, it’s going to be his job to fill any vacancies that pop up on the five person National Labor Relations Board, and CNN says that it is distinctly possible that Trump could end up picking persons for all five spots on the board, besides picking the board’s top lawyer.

Thus, an appointment that will impact labor issues across the nation could very well be manipulated to be in Trump’s favor at the expense of everyone else.

Featured Image via Gabriella Demczuk/ Getty Images.