Donad Trump HURLS Into 5am Twitter Rant Against The ‘Popular Vote’, Shames America (TWEETS)


Donald Trump cannot seem to grasp the concept that his actions as president-elect have consequences, nor does he understand that he’s going to have to face criticism. Can anyone imagine President Obama having taken to social media every time his policies, his religious beliefs, or even the country of his birth were criticized or discussed?

This rant began with Joe Scarborough and his MSNBC show, Morning Joe. After a segment in which the show covered the popular vote total and the small number of counties that swung the election in favor of Donald Trump, the president-elect was, apparently, incensed enough about the truth to tweet about it and try to cover it with lies and exaggerations.

Trump has continued to insist that he won in a “landslide,” despite obvious evidence that this is not true. So far, he hasn’t been above making up wild accusations to “prove” his point, either, as he did on Nov. 27.

The exaggeration of his latest tweets become all too clear when reading The New York Times analysis of the results of the 2016 election in its context compared to the last 58 presidential elections.

2016-12-21-09_10_26-Trump%E2%80%99s-Electoral-College-Victory-Ranks-46th-in-58-Elections-The-New-York-Time Donad Trump HURLS Into 5am Twitter Rant Against The 'Popular Vote', Shames America (TWEETS) Donald Trump Election 2016 Hillary Clinton Politics Social Media Top Stories
Image screengrab via The New York Times

Not only is that not a landslide, it’s one of the slimmest margins of victory in history. Only 11 of the past 58 presidential elections were won by a fewer total of electoral college votes than Donald J. Trump’s. No matter, Trump has decided it was a “landslide” and his supporters are totally okay with accepting that lie and repeating it often.

In Trump’s mind, however, Trump won in a more “sophisticated” way. Hillary Clinton may have received close to three million more votes than Donald Trump, but he’s still convinced that his campaign blew hers out of the water, and instead of sitting in on security briefings, his main focus as president-elect seems to be trying to convince people of that exaggeration on Twitter.

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