Insane Racist Has Holiday Meltdown At TARGET, Attacks Latino Family (VIDEO)


Kentucky is one of the reddest of the red states in America. During the 2016 presidential election, more residents of Kentucky voted for Donald Trump than any GOP candidate in the past 20 years. Is it any surprise, then, that even in the most liberal of cities in Kentucky, shoppers were witness to a racist rant in the mall’s checkout line?

In a moment caught on cell phone video that is quickly going viral, shoppers at the Jefferson Mall in Louisville, Kentucky, which sits in one of only two counties in Kentucky to vote blue in the presidential election, witnessed a racist woman’s outburst because she believed a Latina woman was cutting in line at the checkout counter. Even in the most liberal of southern cities, apparently, no one is safe from the bigots emboldened by Trump’s rhetoric.

The racist rant began when the Latina woman handed her friend, who was nearly finished with her transaction, two shirts to add to her purchase. The bigoted woman was next in line and, apparently, waiting for an additional two shirts to be rung up was the worst problem the bigot faced that day. It was such a problem for her that she felt the need to begin saying horribly racist things to the two women, expecting crowd support.

‘I think everybody here probably feels the same way I do.’

One other shopper agreed with her, so the woman felt empowered enough to continue.

‘Go back to wherever the f*ck you come from, lady…just because you come from another country, that don’t make you nobody.’

Of course, the bigot also told the two women to “learn English.” It’s always the ones who can’t even speak proper English themselves who like to say that, isn’t it?

‘Probably on welfare. The taxpayers probably paid for all that stuff. It’s true! We probably paid for every bit of that stuff, you know that? Probably all of the food they get and everything else.’

After the video circulated widely on social media, local news reported that the Jefferson Mall intends to ban the bigot for life if she can be identified.

Additionally, Louisville’s mayor, Greg Fischer, offered a public apology to the two women who were targeted as well as offering advice from the city’s director of the Office of Globalization to those who witness an attack of this kind.

See the full viral video of the bigoted rant below:

Featured image screengrab via YouTube