The History Channel Just REBUKED Trump’s Win And His Supporters Are Going NUTS (IMAGES)


The HISTORY Channel just slammed Donald Trump’s presidential win, condemning it in a Wednesday afternoon Facebook post as the “first time” that a foreign power altered the course of a U.S. presidential election.

In response, supporters of the president-elect are going ballistic in the post’s comments section.

The Facebook post, which includes an image of what appears to be a Russian cathedral with the overlaid text, “2016 Marked The First Time That A Foreign Power Was Affecting The Course Of A Presidential Election,” along with a caption reading, “HISTORY was made in 2016. #ThisisHISTORY2016,” can be seen below.

Indeed, as the Facebook post asserts, the 2016 presidential election has quickly turned into something historical.

The just concluded race for the White House saw a foreign government that has a history of hostility against the United States stage an unprecedented, successful effort to shape U.S. presidential politics to its liking.

Kremlin-directed hackers stole tens of thousands of emails from key figures within the U.S. Democratic Party and released them to the public via the long controversial organization Wikileaks throughout the months prior to Election Day, all in an effort to run a candidacy sinking smear campaign against Hillary Clinton.

The only aspect of the just described set up that has ever been uncertain is who exactly supplied the emails to Wikileaks.

Recent evidence, however, released by the CIA and backed up by both the FBI and the Director of National Intelligence, has pinned down as nearly certain the longstanding informal accusations that Russia supplied the Democratic staffers’ emails to Wikileaks.

The president-elect has never acknowledged the seriousness of any of this, and it’s not unsurprising that he hasn’t, since the Russian hacking operation shoots big holes in the integrity of his administration.

Many, if not most, of his supporters have followed closely in his footsteps in refusing to acknowledge the evidence that implicates Russia as having hacked the DNC, and these supporters showed up angrily in the comments section of the HISTORY Channel’s Wednesday afternoon post.

The top comment on the post as of about 4 hours after it appeared on the HISTORY Channel page reads, “Yet, no one has provided one shred of evidence that Russia did anything. Our intelligence agencies can’t even agree. But I guess the History Channel has concrete evidence that our intelligence agencies have missed.”

stupid-douche The History Channel Just REBUKED Trump's Win And His Supporters Are Going NUTS (IMAGES) Election 2016 Politics Top Stories

Someone teach this poor man how to read. “No one has provided on shred of evidence that Russia did anything.” What alternate reality are you living in, Paul Baker?

Other comments close to the top under the HISTORY Channel’s post are equally stunning in their ditching of reality.

douchess The History Channel Just REBUKED Trump's Win And His Supporters Are Going NUTS (IMAGES) Election 2016 Politics Top Stories

“Fake news.” “No proof.”

Someone teach these people how to read. There are certain things that one can not debate, such as that the sky is blue, that Donald Trump’s first name is Donald, and that the Russians hacked the DNC.

What more proof do these people need? A singing telegram in Russian delivered to their door by Putin himself?

The allegations against Russia have basically been confirmed by every major interest involved in the situation, even Wikileaks, whose founder Julian Assange said at one point that at least some of its material came from Russia.

Featured Image via JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images.