Donald Trump Has FOURTH Twitter Meltdown Today, Attacks ‘A-List Celebrities’ (TWEET)


The president-elect took on a new target Thursday evening on Twitter — “so-called ‘A’ List celebrities.”

Dear god, Donald.

Trump wrote:

‘The so-called “A” list celebrities are all wanting tixs [sic] to the inauguration, but look what they did for Hillary, NOTHING. I want the PEOPLE!’

It is not immediately clear what “so-called ‘A’ list celebrities” Trump is referring to with his tweet, since if anyone who might be rightfully called an “A-list celebrity” is actually interested in attending the inauguration, they’re certainly keeping it under wraps.

The Trump transition team is so desperate for a famous face to grace events throughout the weekend marking his inauguration that they have been reduced to asserting that they’re “willing to pay anything to not have to listen to Kid Rock.”

And then there’s the matter of what reports suggest many of America’s A-list celebrities are planning on doing the weekend of the inauguration, and it leaves no room for them to actually attend the event itself, something that may underlie Trump’s characteristically odd Thursday evening tweet.

POLITICO reported on Thursday that “Mark Ross… is in the process of putting together a large-scale concert called “We the People” to directly compete with Donald Trump’s inauguration… ‘The talent is banging on our doors to do this,’ according to a source familiar with the planning.”

And then, finally, there’s the matter of Trump’s emphatic statement that ends his latest tweet: “I want the PEOPLE!”

Trump, after all, does not in any way have “the PEOPLE.” One of the most glaring symbols of this fact is that Trump lost the national popular vote to Hillary Clinton by a margin of almost 3 million.

Featured Image via JIM WATSON/ AFP/ Getty Images.