JUST IN: Donald Trump Makes INSANE Nuclear Bomb Announcement (DETAILS)


Every day, Donald Trump makes sure to say something on his Twitter feed that is wilder than anything else he has ever said before.

Thursday morning, his topic was nuclear weapons.

Trump wrote, “The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes.”

Oh Lord.

Trump is bucking decades upon decades of global legal precedent about nuclear weapons policy.

The world has been working through nonproliferation, meaning the phasing out of nuclear weapons, for literally decades — but the United States just elected a man as president who, evidently, thinks that America should grow its nuclear weapons arsenal.

Some of the responses to Trump’s tweet, as featured below, capture the absurdity of the president-elect’s tweet quite nicely.



Donald Trump continues to talk disturbingly nonchalantly about the destruction of the entire planet via nuclear weapons.

This tweet is not the first time that Trump has made such statements about nuclear weapons.

In one of the general election debates between Trump and Hillary Clinton, Trump presented as a legitimately discussable option “it” being “all over” when he was asked about nuclear weapons policy.

Trump also, at one point before that, said that he thought that it was within reason for Far East nations such as Japan to build their nuclear arsenals.

There’s even an indication that this dangerously ignorant attitude about nuclear weapons is something that Trump has clung to for decades.

POLITICO reported over the summer that, in the 1990’s, Donald Trump admonished an American official working through nuclear negotiations with the Soviet Union “to arrive late to the next negotiating session, walk into the room where his fuming counterpart sits waiting impatiently, remain standing and looking down at him, stick his finger into his chest and say ‘F*ck you!'”

Featured Image via Mark Makela/ Getty Images.