Bernie Sanders’ Issues Dire Statement About Trump’s Talk Of Strengthening Nuclear Capabilities


On Thursday, Donald Trump sent us scurrying into our bunkers with this terrifying tweet.

That’s right. The president-elect just bucked decades worth of U.S. nuclear weapons policy in a single, casually-tossed off tweet. But Bernie Sanders came down on Donald Trump swift and hard with his scorching response:

It looks like Bernie Sanders just created the perfect title for those of us who can’t bear to ever call the likes of Donald Trump as our president…After all, what could be more fitting than “Tweeter in Chief?”

Bernie Sanders then fired off a second Tweet reminding Donald Trump that both GOP and Democratic presidents have long sought to reduce the the number of nuclear weapons in the world.

And the insurgent former Democratic presidential candidate who almost toppled Hillary Clinton should know. He’s served as Senator since 2007 and in the U.S. House of Representatives since 1991 for a combined 25 years in Congress.

But Bernie Sanders isn’t the only one to feel spooked by Donald Trump’s nuclear tweet. Even Fox News’ Neil Cavuto seemed a bit nervous that day, when his colleague Stuart Varney pointed it out to him. Cavuto’s only half-joking response was:

‘I’m thinking this out… Let’s say we get to Dow 20,000 so we’re all richer for it. But Donald Trump also promises more nukes so we’re all blown up just as we’re counting our money.’

Varney scornfully jeered:

‘What? have you become some kind of leftist all of a sudden?’

And Cavuto replied:

‘No, I’m just worried. You don’t seem to be. […] I am thinking about that. That would be something. We hit Dow 20,000… ka-boom.’

According to the Council on Foreign Relations’ summary of a task force report, the goal of U.S. nuclear weapons policy is to focus on:

‘near-term policies to reduce nuclear weapons to the lowest possible level consistent with maintaining a credible deterrent, while also ensuring that the U.S. nuclear arsenal is safe, secure, and reliable for as long as it is needed.’

The Task Force report also notes that doing this requires support from our allies.

‘the United States cannot form a more effective nuclear security system alone. It must work cooperatively with global partners. All states share the responsibility to ensure that nuclear weapons are never used again, to prevent the acquisition of additional nuclear weapons by other states, and to redouble efforts to secure and reduce existing nuclear weapons and weapons-usable materials.’

With all of Donald Trump’s talk about building more nuclear weapons and ditching our NATO allies, we should all be afraid. Very afraid.


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Featured image: Alex Wong via Getty Images.