JUST IN: Jimmy Carter Stuns America, Makes BIG Donald Trump Announcement (DETAILS)


In addition to lacking performances from famous artists, President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration will also be short on former presidents. So far, according to a report POLITICO released on Thursday, Jimmy Carter is the only former Commander in Chief who will be attending the event.

Carter made the announcement that he would attend the inauguration at the beginning of a Sunday school class that he was teaching at Maranatha Baptist Church in his hometown of Plains, Georgia.

George H.W. Bush confirmed to POLITICO through his spokesman, Jim McGrath, that he would not be attending the event. McGrath reportedly claimed that Bush’s age, 92, is the reason he will not be present.

George W. Bush is apparently still trying to decide whether or not he will attend. His spokesman, Freddy Ford, said that he will not make an announcement about his final decision until the new year.

Neither of the former Presidents Bush endorsed Donald Trump during his campaign, and both were critical of his policy proposals and behavior. Trump also didn’t win much favor with the Bush family with his treatment of Jeb Bush, whom he mocked frequently throughout the primaries, calling him, among other things, “an embarrassment to his family” during an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

Another former president who has not yet made up his mind is Bill Clinton. No announcement has been made about whether or not he will attend, and his spokeswoman refused to comment when questioned by POLITICO.

According to an unnamed source who is close to the Clintons, the 42nd president is leaning towards skipping the inauguration. After the fierce battle that took place between Trump and Hillary Clinton, it would not be surprising if Clinton followed through with avoiding the event. However, some have argued that it would be a bad choice for the Clintons to stay home.

A top Clinton donor said about the message that would be sent if the Clintons skipped the inauguration:

‘It would be especially bad if the Clintons did not attend, because it seems like they do not support the transition of power. It would be petty, they have to suck it up. [Hillary] has to go as a former first lady. She will sit prominently.’

The Trump transition team released the official schedule of events for the inauguration on December 21. It was announced the following day that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir would be among the evening’s scheduled performers, which also include the Rockettes and former America’s Got Talent contestant Jackie Evancho.

It has been a running joke for some time now that the inauguration committee has been having trouble finding performers. Even marching bands from public schools in the D.C. area have broken with tradition and chosen not to attend. Trump, though, appears to be in denial about the way his inauguration is shaping up.

Shortly after it was announced that a Democratic concert promoter is planning a “We the People” concert in Miami on the same night as the inauguration, Trump tweeted that “A” list celebrities all want tickets to his swearing in.

Featured image via Eddie Mullholland-WPA Pool/Getty Images.