Rachel Maddow MOPS THE FLOOR With Kellyanne Conway, Segment Viral In Seconds (VIDEO)


In typical Kellyanne Conway fashion, while appearing on The Rachel Maddow Show, after playing dumb she pretends that President-elect Donald Trump wasn’t intending to start a nuclear arms race.

Trump’s former campaign manager and White House counselor to be, Kellyanne Conway, appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show on Thursday. During that appearance, Conway stuck to her usual mode of operation: deflecting, feigning ignorance, and then sarcastically suggesting that Donald Trump in no way intended to “start” anything, going so far as to compare his nuclear comments on Twitter to President Obama.

Maddow, in exasperation, remained absolutely cool in the face of Conway’s double-talk and very calmly reminded her that, yes, when Trump Tweets about something, he’s making policy.

‘The president making policy happens whenever the president speaks on a National Security matter.’

The interview went the same as most interviews with Kellyanne Conway go, lots of deflecting and eventually pivoting back to how much Donald Trump loves our country and how every decision he makes is to make America great again. Rachel Maddow, angel that she is, admirably kept a cool head. But she didn’t let Conway off the hook, quickly rebutting her ridiculous arguments and even giving elementary examples so that Conway could understand what she was saying.

When the MSNBC host delved further, emphasizing to Conway just how seriously dangerous it would be to incite a nuclear arms race. Kellyanne Conway instantly deflated, telling Maddow that it was “unfair” for her to say that Donald Trump proposed to expand U.S. nuclear capabilities.

Kellyanne Conway is a gifted spin doctor, and there’s no doubt in people’s minds that she was an integral part in getting Donald Trump elected as president of the United States, but her carefully worded rebuttals are no match for Rachel Maddow, who refused to let her try to spin Trump’s nuclear comments as a positive thing.

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