Trump Launches Into THIRD Twitter Meltdown Of The Day, Racist Muslim Attack (DETAILS)


The president-elect took again to addressing the recent terrorist attack in Berlin on his Twitter account on Friday afternoon.

Trump spoke to the attack as if it represented a singular confrontation that came in the midst of the kind of much wider, religion based global conflict that he seems to wish to incite.

He wrote:

‘The terrorist who killed so many people in Germany said just before crime, “By God’s will we will slaughter you pigs, I swear, we will slaughter you.” This is a purely religious threat, which turned into reality. Such hatred! When will the U.S., and all countries, fight back?’

First of all, to frame the attack as “purely religious” is ludicrous. Trump might as well have said the attack was “purely German.”

Trump, in saying “this is a purely religious threat,” plays right into the terrorists’ game. He is making idealistic excuses for why the incident occurred, when he could be forming strategy over how to keep the nation safe.

In the real world, there is much more to fighting against terrorism then denouncing a certain religion, as Trump has long been fond of doing.

Secondly, “when will the U.S. and all countries fight back”? Where have you been, Donald?

Where have you been while thousands upon thousands of U.S. soldiers have died over the past decade fighting wars waged in the name of “fighting back?”

Oh yeah, that’s right — you’ve been building a corrupt global real estate empire from the comfort of your gold encrusted apartment.

Trump, at present, cares as much for the lives of Americans that have already been lost and may be lost in the future in the name of “fighting back” as he did while sitting in Trump Tower plotting how to bilk the markets out of as many millions of dollars as possible.

Featured Image via Pete Marovich/Bloomberg via Getty Images