Trump Press Secretary Announces Post Inauguration Twitter Policy, Get Ready (DETAILS)


President-elect Donald Trump’s incoming White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer went on Fox’s The Kelly File to talk about his new job on Thursday night.

One of the first things the top strategist for the Republican National committee (RNC) told his host was that Donald Trump is an avid Twitter user, and that will continue when he becomes president. Sean Spicer somehow made his future boss’s incessant and often ill-judged tweeting sound like a good thing.

He even said Trump should continue using Twitter as “a direct pipeline” to the public if he wants.

‘The president has the right to go out and write stories.’

This scenario sounds like a press secretary’s worst nightmare, but true to form, Sean Spicer put a good spin on it. He first gushed over how Twitter puts Donald Trump in the unique position of “not having to put everything through the filter of the mainstream media.” He then waxed ecstatic over the horrific daily surprises in store for him.

‘It is absolutely fascinating and it makes every day, every hour just unbelievable. Because you know you’re having that conversation with the American people and they can have it back with him.’

But will Donald Trump continue with traditional daily updates via White House press briefings? Sean Spicer said he thinks so, and assures us “it’s not a question of getting rid of things.” That, of course, is politician-speak for “we’re getting rid of traditional daily updates via White House press briefings,” but the friendly host didn’t call him on that.

‘It’s not a question of getting rid of certain things. Maybe we add an element to them. Maybe not everything’s on camera, maybe we bring more people into the process.’

Sean Spicer adds that he’s not worried about Donald Trump’s tense relationship with the press.

‘There’s a difference between calling people out and understanding the role that the press plays in a free society.’

But the creepiest part is how he kept speaking about Donald Trump as though he’s a god.

‘We answer to him, he doesn’t answer to us.’

Sean Spicer even said the thought of serving in Donald Trump’s administration is “humbling.”

WATCH: Sean Spicer talks about Donald Trump’s Twitter habit.

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