Chinese Media Makes VERY Frightening Donald Trump Announcement, Get Ready (DETAILS)


Chinese state media has warned of a “showdown with the U.S.” following President-elect Trump’s pick of Peter Navarro for White House trade advisor.

Navarro, an anti-China economist and academic, is well known for his strong bias against China. Following the announcement of his new position, Chinese media outlet China Daily published a piece warning foreign readers that Navarro’s appointment could potentially strain U.S.-China relations:

‘The so-called economic war Navarro claims China is waging is the competition that has risen as China’s economy has moved up the value chain. Indeed the revelations of Edward Snowden showed that it is the US that has been using unfair means to gain an economic advantage.’

Beijing’s Ministry of Commerce has remained rather reserved following the announcement, although they warned the Trump administration that any move that would potentially jeopardize the trade relationship between the two most powerful economies in the world would result in a loss for both nations.

China Daily echoed a similar sentiment, writing,

‘Individuals such as Navarro who have a bias against China are being picked to work in leading positions in the next administration, is no laughing matter.’

China Daily continued, warning readers that “the new administration should bear in mind that with economic and trade ties between the world’s two largest economies now the closest they have ever been, any move to damage the win-win relationship will only result in a loss for both sides.”

Navarro, who holds a Ph.D. from Harvard University, is a professor of economics and public policy at the Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California, Irvine. He’s also an investment advisor and author, who’s penned books such as Death by China: How America Lost its Manufacturing Base. Navarro advised Trump during his campaign.

Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman, Hua Chunying, told press that Beijing would be closely monitoring the Trump administration following the inauguration.

‘As two major powers with broad mutual interests, co-operation is the only correct choice.’

Shen Danyang, a spokesman for the ministry of commerce remained optimistic, however, telling press:

‘Regardless of what changes happen in the US government-president, commerce secretary, trade representative-common interests [between the United States and China] are greater than differences.’

Throughout his campaign, Trump promised taking countries such as China and Mexico to task by issuing high tariffs after taking office. It seems, however, that Chinese officials don’t believe the problem lies with their country. Mr. Shen warned:

‘We oppose the idea of making others take medicine when oneself is sick. This has happened in the past and could happen in the future.’

In an editorial, the Global Times also cautioned U.S. leaders that China is a powerful nation and is able “to withstand pressures from the Trump government.”

‘Beijing will get used to the tensions between the two countries. If Washington dares to provoke China over its core interests, Beijing won’t fear setting up a showdown with the US, pressuring the latter to pay respect to China.’

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