JUST IN: Donald Trump Is Having A Post-Christmas Twitter Meltdown, Hang On (TWEET)


The president-elect flew into a rage on Twitter on Monday afternoon, this time targeting none other than President Barack Obama.

Trump wrote, “President Obama said that he thinks he would have won against me. He should say that but I say NO WAY! – jobs leaving, ISIS, OCare, etc.”

Trump is speaking in his childishly incendiary comments to just published remarks from President Obama to the effect of that he feels that he could have won had he had the opportunity to run against Trump.

Mind you, the man about to officially assume the office of president of the United States is taking time out of his day with this tweet to attack a man not only irrelevant to anything that Trump should be concerning himself with but who is also the sitting president of the United States.

As one of the top replies on his tweet asks, “Are you really fighting people you didn’t even run against now?! Dude, f*cking grow up.”

And then there’s the fact that Trump doesn’t actually have any sort of meaningful argument to offer as to why his assertion is true that Obama wouldn’t have won in an Obama/Trump match-up.

All he says on that note is “jobs leaving, ISIS, OCare, etc.” and it’s as easy as a Google search to prove that none of these talking points represent any issues with Obama.

A chart from CNN featured below shows how Obama compares with other presidents in terms of job creation — and he definitely does well.

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As for ISIS — this again, really? Trump claimed at one point that Obama was effectively responsible for the terror group. Does he still think along those same lines? Seriously?

And finally, there’s the issue of Obamacare. The outgoing president’s monumental health plan has allowed for 16.5 million people to suddenly find themselves with health insurance who didn’t have it before. Does Trump think that’s a bad thing?

Featured Image via Jabin Botsford/ The Washington Post via Getty Images.