Neighbors Are Currently Targeting Home Of Mike Pence With Pro-Women Messages (DETAILS)


Protesters are targeting a D.C. home being rented from now until Inauguration Day by the Vice President-elect with a simple message — they are not interested in going along in the slightest with his war on women’s control of their own bodies.

Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana and Vice President-elect of the United States, has made his name throughout the decades of his political career as a fierce advocate for the normalization of such policies as institutionalized discrimination against women via extreme abortion control and institutionalized discrimination against the LGBT community via removing penalties for acts of hate.

And now, with Pence already taking up residence in the D.C. area, populist resistance to him taking his agenda into the White House is already exploding in his face.

As reported by local media outlet The DCist, “[A] series of signs declaring that ‘This Neighborhood Trusts Women’ have started popping up in the area, including one directly across the street from the 5-bedroom house that Pence and his family have rented.”

The signs have been provided to community members by NARAL Pro-Choice America, an organization that advocates for abortion rights around the country.

Check out an example of one of the signs below, via Twitter.

naral Neighbors Are Currently Targeting Home Of Mike Pence With Pro-Women Messages (DETAILS) Abortion Activism Politics Top Stories

NARAL’s communications director Kaylie Hanson Long commented to The DCist about the signs, saying:

‘Part of our charge following the election is making sure that Mike Pence knew just how off base he was with the majority of Americans when it comes to abortion access. The best way to let him know that is to go literally right to his door step and tell him.’

And indeed, going right to Pence’s door and telling him how out of touch he is with the majority of Americans is precisely what NARAL has done with the distribution of these signs.

NARAL’s deputy field organizer Anne Bailey noted that the organization found Pence’s temporary D.C. community eager to take part in the protest efforts.

Other protest efforts against Pence have already sprung up in the same neighborhood as well, such as the rainbow flags, representing the LGBT community, that appeared up and down Pence’s street following him moving in.

Featured Image via Spencer Platt/ Getty Images.