To Nazi Salute Or Not To Nazi Salute: Infighting Erupts Between Trump ‘Deploraball’ Organizers


The planning for the “DeploraBall” event to celebrate President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration has descended into quite a bit of chaos as the organizers have fallen into infighting over whether or not the event’s attendees will honor Trump with Nazi salutes.

This infighting has manifested itself in book burnings and debates over whether or not those who subscribe to alt-right ideology are non-racist and accepting of Jews or not — and racism and non-acceptance of Jews weren’t the descriptors being argued against by most of those who are involved in the row.

Alt-right leader Mike Cernovich started the issue by telling alt-right Twitter icon “@bakedalaska” that he was not going to be welcome at the event were he to carry on with the “Nazi salutes bullsh*t.”

@bakedalaska posted screenshots of messages that Cernovich sent him, reading, in part:

‘Stupid man, you are listed as featured guest… f*cking act like it man. No more f*ck-ups. No Nazi salutes… or don’t have your name on the event. Whatever you want man, your choice. This is not a discussion by the way; this is an ultimatum. Handle your business.’

@bakedalaska, adding the comment “You can thank Mike Cernovich for banning me from my own event. He seems to really care what the media thinks rather than his own,” took grave issue with Cernovich telling him to not being any of the “Nazi salutes bullsh*t” to the Deploraball.

Mind you, @bakedalaska has enough of a stature within the alt-right movement to be, apparently, a “featured guest” at the Deploraball, which is an event designed by the most vocal Trump supporting members of the alt-right for the most vocal Trump supporting members of the alt-right— and he is arguing in favor of “Nazi salutes bullsh*t.”

Cernovich’s comments to Baked Alaska reportedly came after he literally tweeted in a positive light about “gassing Jews.”

Many of @bakedalaska’s followers 131,000 Twitter followers are in agreement with his positions in favor of being allowed to carry on with “Nazi salutes bullsh*t.”

Found among his supporters latest related tweets, for example, is a video, featured below, of a Trump fan sending a copy of Cernovich’s book up in flames.

The Neo-Nazi publication The Daily Stormer also got involved in the arguing, publishing a piece against Cernovich that called him a member of the “cuck/kike contingent of the Trump movement.” The word “kike” is a slur against Jews.

Featured Image via Joe Raedle/ Getty Images.