Trump Announces The First Amendment Gives Too Much Protection For Press, It Begins (QUOTES)


The president-elect sat down to an interview this week with a South Florida CBS affiliate that saw him express stunning discontent at the freedom of the press enshrined in the First Amendment.

A wildly fierce anti-press stance is definitely one of the strongest carryovers from Trump’s presidential campaign to his role as president-elect, and oh boy did this stance come out in Trump’s latest interview.

The interviewer asked Trump, “In the past you have talked about wanting to amend laws and rework things to make it easier to sue [the press.] Do you think there is too much protection allowed in the first amendment?”

Trump didn’t say no, instead implicitly agreeing that yes, in his estimation, there is “too much protection allowed in the first amendment.”

Trump replied with a rant that the U.S. legal system should mold itself to be more like England, a system that, according to Trump, allows easily offended people like him to “actually sue if someone says something wrong.”

Trump offered no immediate quantification for what he feels is “wrong” enough to warrant lawsuits beyond claiming that “our press is allowed to say whatever they want and get away with it.”

He went on:

‘I’m a big believer, [a] tremendous believer of the freedom of the press. Nobody believes it stronger than me but if they make terrible, terrible mistakes and those mistakes are made on purpose to injure people…  Over here they don’t have to apologize. They can say anything they want about you or me and there doesn’t have to be any apology.’

First of all, no, you don’t get to call yourself a “big tremendous believer of the freedom of the press” while at the same time arguing against the First Amendment.

Second of all, seriously? “Terrible, terrible mistakes on purpose to injure people”? Provide one example, Trump.

Reporting the truth of what, for example, Trump said on any given day isn’t a “terrible, terrible mistake made on purpose to injure people.”

Trump provides no immediate clarification as to what he means by that phrase. The only thing to go on in a search for clarification is Trump’s past statements against the press when they have run with some of his most incendiary remarks.

Watch Trump’s remarks on the First Amendment below.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the Video.