Actor Billy Baldwin Crushes Trump In UnPRESIDENTed Flurry Of Tweets You Have To See To Believe


The Baldwin brothers must have trolling in their genes. Billy has taken a page from his brother Alec’s playbook and has brilliantly called out the rampant falsehoods perpetuated by President-Elect Donald Trump via his Twitter account — one by one.

Billy starts off by calling out The Donald for dumping on the US’s relationship with Israel.

A question for Trump; if our relationship with Israel is so bad, what’s up with the 8 million per day that we send them in aid?

Baldwin then moved on, calling Trump out on disrespecting the current POTUS.

It’s difficult for a non-insider to speak to the men’s relationship outside of the media, but considering Trump’s affinity for racist Obama conspiracy theories, he’s certainly a big, fat hypocrite at the very least.

Trump’s also super eager to grab credit for stuff that he had nothing to do, and Billy is more than willing to mock him.

The guy wants to take credit for positive economic changes even though he’s got no legislative power and hasn’t accomplished anything yet other than the Carrier deal that cost taxpayers $7 million.

This is one of the worst lies he’s tweeted. Trump used DJT foundation money to buy a self-portrait and a football helmet.

Also a big one. A large portion of his DJT foundation money went to advancing his political prospects.

Sure. Except he’s citing data released in September. Oh, and the number he cites is off by around $350 million, too.

In case this statement doesn’t already blow up your BS detector, here’s a primer on what the UN actually does.

The right-wing in this country has turned seriously scary. Before, they were content to make war on minorities and poor people. Now they’ve moved on to making war on the truth. Maybe Donald Trump will accomplish some good things during his presidency, but in the meantime, he might set a record for the most dishonest politician of all time.

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