Chaos Ensues After Trump Supporter Storms Into Church Service Screaming About Pizzagate (DETAILS)


A crazed Trump supporter stormed into a Philadelphia church in the middle of Midnight Mass earlier this week and launched into a screaming tirade consisting largely of him repeating the phrase “Pizzagate is real!” over and over again, before being removed from the premises by security.

The man, Howard Caplan, who claims to be a lifelong Democrat, had already gained local notoriety for standing at the same intersection multiple times and holding a large “Hillary for Prison” sign in the weeks before the election.

And now, he has turned his attention to, as mentioned, “Pizzagate.”

As reported by Philly Voice:

‘The Northeast Philadelphia man who gained recognition for hoisting a “Hillary 4 Prison” sign on Roosevelt Boulevard during the 2016 presidential campaign burst into The Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul early Monday and delivered a screed against the Catholic Church, invoking the debunked Pizzagate conspiracy theory in the process.’

Pizzagate is the term used to refer to the one hundred percent false conspiracy theory that the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria in Washington, D.C., is the center of a global pedophilia ring that includes an array of political leaders, such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

This conspiracy theory originated in highly ambiguous corners of the web before being picked up by such alt-right thought leaders as InfoWars.

A stunning recent poll released by YouGov reveals that the completely false claim has gained such traction among Trump supporters that just over half of those polled believe that found within the emails that were leaked from the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign are references to “pedophilia and human trafficking.”

Of course, there are no such references, and, again, Pizzagate is simply completely made up — that’s all there is too it.

That, however, didn’t stop one man from taking a loaded firearm to the Comet pizzeria to “investigate” the alleged pedophilia ring, and it didn’t stop Caplan from storming into a Philadelphia place of worship to scream about it.

Caplan taped his own tirade, and in the video featured below via his Twitter page, he can be heard screaming, “Pizzagate is real! Pizzagate is real! The Catholic Church has been sexually abusing children—thousands of them for decades! Pizzagate is real!”

Featured Image via GREGG NEWTON/AFP/ Getty Images