Michael Moore Just Unveiled A Brilliant 5 Point Plan To Stop Donald Trump (DETAILS)


Michael Moore is serious about stopping Donald Trump right in his tracks as Trump moves to implement the most radical parts of his wildly racist agenda.

The famous documentary filmmaker outlined late Tuesday evening on Facebook a five-point plan that he says that he wants all of his followers to get busy completing right away.

The plan ranges from guidance on contacting political leaders to guidance on becoming a political leader, oneself.

Moore has long been a leader of perhaps the most ardently anti-Trump groups around, as he was, quite literally, preparing to combat a Donald Trump presidency before the businessman even became the president-elect. Moore predicted long before Election Day that Trump would end up winning — which proved to be an accurate prediction.

Moore began Tuesday evening on Facebook solemnly, writing, “In fact, I think the first thing we all have to do in order to move on is to admit out loud what we already think privately: As bad as we know it’s going to be, it’s actually going to be worse. A lot worse.”

He went on though, saying, “Now cheer up and read on,” before offering up his suggestions as to what exactly it is that the millions of Americans opposed to Donald Trump’s agenda should do now that he is actually going to be the president.

His five-pronged plan is as follows, with explanation for each following the list:

  • Make your presence known
  • Write to the DNC tonight
  • Form your own rapid response team
  • Make plans to be at the inauguration weekend protests
  • Run for office

By “make your presence known,” Moore means to literally walk into the local offices of Congressional leaders and confront them — respectfully, of course — over whether or not they will support Trump’s agenda.

Writing to the DNC is related to that; Moore says that his followers should write to the DNC in support of U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison for the new DNC chair. Ellison as DNC chair, Moore says, will help turn the party into a potent force to confront Trump’s agenda once elections come around again.

The next two points are also related. Moore says that those among his followers concerned with Trump’s agenda should assemble a specific list of people — a “rapid response team — who will work together to “mail elected reps, make calls, post on social media, go to protests and/or organize others at work, school or in the neighborhood” in an effort to oppose specific points of Trump’s agenda should they be/ as they are implemented.

Moore has also emerged lately as a prominent supporter for the efforts to protest Donald Trump’s inauguration.

And, finally, “you should run for office! Yes, you!” That’s pretty self explanatory. Any office will do, even just an office in your local chapter of the Democratic Party.

Check out Moore’s full Facebook post below — and get busy.

Featured Image via Jemal Countess/ Getty Images