Stephen King Nails Comparison Of Trump And Obama – Donald Scratches Head In Silence (TWEET)


Author Stephen King is not a fan of President-elect Donald Trump, and has made no bones about it on social media or elsewhere. In fact, King became so disgusted with Trump several months into the latter’s presidential campaign, he not-so-jokingly began referring to the orange-tinted real estate developer as “He Who Must Not Be Named,” referring to the inherently and deeply evil Lord Voldemort of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter book series.

On Tuesday, the bestselling author pegged the problem with the Republican, especially when compared side by side with current President Barack Obama. On Twitter, King posted it and nailed it:

‘One remarkable difference between Obama and Trump: the latter seems to have absolutely no sense of humor. The clearest sign of a dull mind.’

And King is completely correct. Donald Trump has proven over and over that he has no sense of humor and a dull, outdated mode of thinking.

Trump seems like a cartoon character next to the current president — the stereotype of a spoiled billionaire, surrounded by a stereotypical “luxury” lifestyle devoid of real creativity. In fact, Trump taps into and exploits those stereotypes as he scrapes out a living by hawking steaks, champagne, and golf club memberships — symbols of success that were cliché back in the 1970s.

And Trump has no sense of humor, particularly when it comes to his own snowflake feelings. Politicians and heads of state have been subjects of parody and comedy since the advent of television, but only a thin-skinned, insecure child would feel the need to lash out at satirists by denigrating their wit. Trump has been lashing out at comedy mainstay Saturday Night Live and Alec Baldwin’s hilarious impersonation since the first debate. Other U.S. presidents and potential presidents have played along with SNL; even Sarah Palin was usually a pretty good sport about Tina Fey’s parody of the former Alaskan governor.

This isn’t the first time that Stephen King has shown writerly insight when it comes to the true character of the president-elect, and he truly enjoys dissing Trump on Twitter on a regular basis.

King started off in October by saying that a Trump win was a “horror story.”

But King has Twitter history of shining a light on exactly why so many Americans are horrified by the idea of a Trump presidency:

‘Trump’s taxes made me think of a Travis Tritt song that goes, “The fat man’s busy dancing while the poor man pays the band.”‘

‘Repubs want to put nuclear weapons in the hands of a man with the temperament of a 2-year-old. This goes beyond my understanding.’

‘Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were Donald Trump? But I repeat myself. (Apologies to Mark Twain)’

‘Trump looks like a big ole sulky baby. Do we need a big ole sulky baby as President?’

‘Trump complains about Clinton corruption, but still won’t release his tax returns. That’s called hypocrisy, folks.’

‘Trump: Sexist oinker, tax dodger, draft dodger, pal of Putin, racist, serial liar, ANNNND…Republican candidate for president!’


‘Trump’s tweets display hysteria, aggression, paranoia, insecurity. Politics aside, his mental state bears close watching.’

‘Trump’s mental condition is open to debate, I suppose; that he’s an incompetent asshat seems undeniable.’

Stephen King also enjoys mocking the president-elect for being Vladimir Putin’s “useful idiot.”

And like the great master of documenting the vast array of human character he is, King pegged Trump perfectly in one tweet just as the campaign ramped up in October.

‘The more I read about and listen to Donald Trump, the more appalled I am. Not as a Democrat; as a human being. A genuinely nasty man.’

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