Robert De Niro’s Business Booms As A-Listers Choose His NY Hotel Over Donald Trump’s


Robert De Niro, an outspoken critic of President-elect Donald Trump, may be consoled to learn that compared to Trump’s high rise hotels, his Greenwich Hotel, in the Tribeca area of Manhattan is a big hit.

De Niro may also be pleased to know that, thanks to his racist rhetoric and sexist behavior, Trump’s hotel business is seeing big losses.

Whereas once celebrities flocked to the Trump Soho Hotel for their New York City accommodations, The Villager reports that paparazzi are complaining about the lack of famous people to be found on the premises to shoot. One photographer reported that he has not shot any celebrities there since April.

‘Almost nobody has stayed there for the last six months at least. Most A-listers now stay at the Greenwich Hotel owned by De Niro … It’s possible some celebs are staying [at the Trump Soho], but not the usual numbers who were before.’

Trump’s hotels have been seeing a decline in revenue for quite a while. In October, Fortune magazine reported that the Trump brand in general is no longer the darling of wealthy consumers. Fortune also reported that room rates at Trump’s new D.C. hotel are being cut as a way to attract customers, but data suggests that more travelers are choosing rival hotels in the area.

One event planner told Fortune:

‘I simply cannot bring myself to walk in the door there any longer.’

Trump’s brand popularity has declined steadily since he announced his bid for the presidency in June 2015 by insulting Mexican immigrants. By May of 2016, data gathered by travel search engine Hipmunk showed that Trump hotels were already down by 59 percent as compared to May 2015, a month before Trump announced his candidacy.

At the top of the list of losing properties is Trump’s Soho Hotel, which directly competes with De Niro’s Greenwich Hotel nearby.

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The negative effect of Trump’s campaign on his business interests have been so bad that future projects launched by the company will be named as “Scion” instead.

Even daughter Ivanka Trump’s business has been affected, with the launch of the #GrabYourWallet campaign to boycott Ivanka’s shoe and clothing line, including a downloadable database that helps outraged consumers keep their hard-earned money out of Trump pockets. Demand for Ivanka’s products have dropped so low, some retailers have given up offering them altogether.

Travel Weekly reported that Foursquare app data discovered that the foot traffic to Trump hotels, casinos, and golf courses in the United States dropped significantly for most months of 2016 as compared to those in 2015, usually between 14 and 17 percent. In July 2016, foot traffic to Trump properties located in blue states by women dropped as much as 29 percent, and about 20 percent overall.

Despite non-partisan reviews published in Travel Weekly from travel professionals regarding the hotels’ accommodations and customer service stating that the hotels are “absolute luxury” and “lovely,” Trump’s nationalistic stance and divisive rhetoric have sullied his brand and made life just a bit harder for those who work for him.

Robert De Niro called out Trump in a video rant as “blatantly stupid,” a “bullshit artist,” and a “bozo,” encouraging voters to keep Trump out of office, that quickly went viral. In the video, De Niro claimed he wanted to punch Donald Trump in the face.

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel two days after the election, De Niro expressed his disappointment, especially since he can’t punch Trump in the face now that he will be president. Watch the segment below.

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