Senator John McCain Announces Emergency Hearing Over Trump’s Russia Connection (DETAILS)


U.S. Senator John McCain has just announced that a Senate hearing on the Russian cyber attacks against the U.S. Democratic party that went on throughout this past year will take place on Thursday.

An anonymous source familiar with the planning revealed the date for the hearing to POLITICO.

As reported by the publication:

‘Senate Armed Services Chairman John McCain has scheduled a hearing on cyber threats for Thursday, where the issue of Russia’s election-year hacking will take center stage, a source familiar with the committee’s planning told POLITICO.’

Those who will be called to testify at the hearing reportedly include Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, National Security Agency and Cyber Command Chief Admiral Mike Rogers and Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence Marcel Lettre.

The announcement that a Congressional hearing on the Russians’ election meddling is only days away comes as more and more of the nation’s overall attention is focused on the issue of what exactly happened throughout the months before Election Day.

Concrete evidence has been revealed in the past few weeks that positively incriminates Russia in the cyber attacks that hit the Democratic Party throughout the just-concluded presidential election season. These cyberattacks targeted the Democratic Party and ended up revealing tens of thousands of private emails worth of information to the public that seriously undercut Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The Obama administration acted on this recently revealed Russia-incriminating evidence when, on Thursday, a stunning round of sanctions was announced against an array of Russian individuals and business entities, at the same time as it was announced that several dozen Russian diplomats were thereby expelled from the country.

Trump, through all of the ever growing mountains of evidence incriminating Russia, has held fast to maintaining that the whole issue is somehow irrelevant and that the nation “needs to move on.”

Things are definitely coming to a head at present though, with the sanctions and the first official Congressional hearing on the matter both coming this week. Even Trump has shown the slightest indication that he is caving in, saying this week that he will meet with intelligence officials to be briefed on the situation with Russia.

McCain’s hearing is one of many that will likely be held probing Trump’s connection to the Russian interference in the election as time goes on, with other members of Senate leadership such as Bob Corker of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations having previously announced their own investigations into Trump’s ties to the Russian hacking.

Featured Image via Alex Wong/Getty Images.