Pro-Trump ‘Deploraball’ Event Prep Reveals A Serious Rift In The ‘Alt-Right’ Movement (DETAILS)


“Nothing’s more fun than watching white supremacists call each other cucks on Twitter,” TYT’s Cenk Uyger exclaims with relish. Because what happens when a fringe movement gets what it wants? They start fighting among themselves, and soon you’ve got a “cucktastrophe” on your hands.

The so-called “alt-right” — a trendy handle for a loose network of hateful, misogynist, white supremacist bigots — wanted nothing more than to get Donald Trump elected. When Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” remark first got taken out of context, this band of haters took offense. Now they wear the term as a badge of honor.

But now that President-elect Donald Trump’s moving into the White House, some haters want to seem more respectable. Especially since “alt-right” leader Richard Spencer recently got caught on video greeting a cheering, sieg-heiling crowd at a conference by crowing: “Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory,” and then declaring that “America, at the end of the day, belongs to white men.”

MSN reports they’re even hosting a “Deploraball” cocktail party at Washington D.C.’s National Press Club the night before Mein Trumpf’s inauguration. And of course, they claim non-white, non-Christians are welcome.

‘Organizers say the Deploraball is a cocktail party for Trump supporters from all ethnic backgrounds and no incendiary or discriminatory actions will be allowed. Organizers call themselves “Trumpists” and say they have sold 1,000 tickets ranging in price from $99 to $2,500. But after an online battle between star guests, Deploraball organizers offered ticket holders refunds “in light of recent events.”‘

Some on the so-called “alt-right” want to appear more respectable. One of the Depoloraball’s organizers got into a Twitter war with a featured party guest. it all started when Tim Treadstone, known online as “Baked Alaska” had his “Deporaball” invitation revoked after he went on an anti-Semitic Twitter binge.

Mike Cernovich, who helped promote dire rumors about Hillary Clinton’s ill health, sent a private message asking him to dial back on the anti-Semitic tweets and Nazi salutes.

‘No Nazi salutes … or don’t have your name on the event.’

But Treadstone/Baked Alaska outed Cernovich by Tweeting out a screenshot of his message.

Meanwhile, Mike Cernovich gloated about getting Tim Treadstone kicked off the committee:

And then bragged that Breitbart‘s Milo Yiannopoulos would be attending the Deploraball:

Baked Alaska then accused Cenovich as betraying the movement.

As for Milo, Baked Alaska claims he only agreed to come because the organizers gave in to his demands to have him host and headline the event.

And now, the Trumpkins are turning on Milo Yiannopoulos with the worst insult they can come up with:

The nightmare after Christmas then devolved into a shouting match via Periscope streams (live Twitter videos).

Watch: TYT’s Cenk Uygur breaks down the alt-right’s “Deploraball” collapse.

And here’s Vice News’ report on Donald Trump’s ties to white nationalist groups.

Featured image: Video screen grab via Vice News (with shattered glass added).