Check Out CNN’s Don Lemon Getting NYE Tanked — Then Yanked Off Air (VIDEOS)


Many Americans wanted to stay up till midnight on New Year’s Eve and watch 2016 die with a whimper. Apparently, CNN host Don Lemon was one of them.

Long before midnight, Lemon started drinking on air, while hosting a live celebratory event at The Spotted Calf, a New Orleans night club, despite warnings from his co-host, Brooke Baldwin.

It was way before 8 p.m. when Lemon showed off his drink to the audience, and Baldwin cracked:

‘Let me show you my shocked face.’

She also good-naturedly kidded Lemon, saying, “Dude, do you know what time it is in New Orleans?”

Lemon continued to drink, despite some online Twitter mockery from colleague Anderson Cooper, who was hosting the New York City festivities.

‘It seems @donlemon, @BrookeBCNN got the #CNNNYE party (and the drinking) started a little early down in New Orleans’

‘@donlemon and @BrookeBCNN are still drinking tequila in New Orleans. Less than 2-hours to go! #CNNNYE’

Lemon got tanked enough that he allowed Kathy Griffin, who was co-hosting the network’s New York event with Cooper, to talk him into getting a nipple piercing. Baldwin managed to convince him otherwise, and Lemon went for a more traditional ear piercing. After the number of tequila shots counted by Griffin from the NY location, it’s surprising Lemon felt anything at all.

‘You know you’re wasted when you have to get talked out of piercing your nipple on live TV and settle for an ear. #CNNNYE’

‘Yes. @donlemon just got his ear pierced live on the air’

During the apparently painful procedure, Lemon was heard saying:

‘Don’t get blood on the jacket; it has to go back to Brooks Brothers.’

After hours of drinking, and the new year being officially recognized in the Central Time Zone in NOLA, Don Lemon tried to take a moment to say what most of us have been thinking…

‘2016 was awful—‘

Lemon’s mic was then cut, presumably by CNN, who didn’t want Lemon’s drunken angst spilling over into the festivities.

Don Lemon spent most of 2016 reporting on the orange dictator wannabe, Donald Trump, but despite a personal insults from Trump via Twitter (of course), there are plenty of reasons to despise 2016. Considering the losses of brilliant musicians, actors, and other artists, as well as the disastrous Brexit, the election of Trump is simply the sprinkles on the sh*t sundae served by the year 2016.

A few minutes later, a very drunk Don Lemon returned to the air, promising to be a better person in 2017.

‘Don Lemon is so drunk right now he’s spilling his heart on #CNNNYE for his New Year’s Resolution.’

‘We are all Don Lemon tonight.’

Featured image via Anderson Cooper Twitter screenshot.