Here’s The Reason The Wall Street Journal Chief Editor Won’t Call Out Trump On Lies (VIDEO)


In a disturbing revelation on Sunday’s Meet the Press, Wall Street Journal Editor in Chief Gerard Baker said that the established newspaper would not refer to false statements coming from the Trump administration as “lie.”

What else would they call them?

Baker made an appearance on the NBC news discussion show and described President-elect Donald Trump’s false statements as “questionable.” He also used the term “challengeable.”

Apparently, the word “lie” implies that the statements were intentionally meant to mislead.

As reported in The Huffington Post, according to Baker:

‘I think it’s then up to the reader to make up their own mind to say, “This is what Donald Trump says. This is what a reliable, trustworthy news organization reports. And you know what? I don’t think that’s true.”‘

Baker apparently doesn’t believe that news reporters, editors, or organizations are responsible for the accuracy of their reporting. Without fact checking and reporting real facts, however, it’s difficult to say how WSJ readers are going to be able to discern what is and isn’t the truth.

Thankfully, other reliable, trustworthy news organizations have no problem helping their readers navigate the difficult path within Trump organization lies, truths, half truths, and self-congratulatory fantasy.

The Washington Post (which was banned from covering Trump’s campaign for publishing unpleasant truths) has made it clear that they feel perfectly comfortable pointing out the president-elect’s lies when applicable, and encourages other news organizations to do the same.

An op-ed by WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin states that:

‘Whether it is his top aides or the president-elect interviewers would be well advised not to let falsehoods, deception and double-talk go unaddressed. Governing by deliberate lies is the stuff of autocrats who demand their people believe them rather than reality.’

HuffPo, has no problem using accurate language when it comes to Trump, and doesn’t shy away from headlines such as: “Donald Trump Claims 100 Percent Of His Foundation’s Money Goes To Charity. That’s a Lie.”

The New York Times also has no issue calling a lie a lie, and its editors will be standing by to ensure accurate reporting and a sifting of fact form the Trumpian fictions.

‘Without a Walter Cronkite to guide them, how can Americans find the path back to a culture of commonly accepted facts, the building blocks of democracy? A president and other politicians who care about the truth could certainly help them along. In the absence of leaders like that, media organizations that report fact without regard for partisanship, and citizens who think for themselves, will need to light the way.’

Other news sites such as MSNBC and New York Magazine have no such concerns for Trump’s delicate sensibilities, and it’s a good thing.

Baker also told Meet The Press host, Chuck Todd, that Trump is being treated unfairly by the press and that news organizations and concerned citizens are assuming that Trump is lying every time he opens his mouth:

‘This is happening all the time now, people are looking at what Donald Trump’s saying and saying, “This is false, it’s a false claim.”‘

This is likely because Donald Trump has spent the better part of the last two years spinning lies in order to be elected to the highest office in the land.

Pulitzer Prize winning PolitiFact has been keeping score and so far has found that only 15 percent of Donald Trump’s statements are true or “mostly true.” A whopping 69 percent of Donald Trump’s statements are “mostly false,” “false,” or flat-out “pants on fire lies.” What else can they be called other than lies?

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In the interview, Baker describes Donald Trump’s constant dismissal of the press as “tough love,” rather than calling it what it really is: discrediting journalism so he can control the narrative. Very similar to the way Hitler used the term “lugenpress” or “lying press” under the Nazi Party regime in order to discredit reports by journalists covering his nationalist, fascist reign of terror.

Watch the video below, courtesy of The Huffington Post, where Baker absolves himself of any journalistic integrity whatsoever.

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