Trump Makes SAD! Statement About The Election In 3rd Twitter Meltdown Of The Day


The president-elect is still rubbing his presidential victory in his opponents’ faces, with almost two months having now passed since he won. Thus, it’s long past time for Trump to concern himself with actually becoming a functional president, but he’s still acting like it’s the campaign season.

Trump took to Twitter Monday afternoon to rant for what seems like the millionth time about his victory, writing:

‘Various media outlets and pundits say that I thought I was going to lose the election. Wrong, it all came together in the last week and I thought and felt I would win big, easily over the fabled 270 (306). When they cancelled fireworks, they knew, and so did I.’

Now, Trump touches on what exactly it is that has triggered him so badly so as to prompt what feels like dozens of Twitter rant re-hashings of this subject, and what is ostensibly the reason for his behavior is indeed quite disturbing.

As he put it, Trump won “big,” “easily” surpassing the “fabled 270,” referring to the total number of electoral votes needed to clinch the presidency. Trump ended up finishing with a total of 306 electoral votes.

Trump, however, didn’t win the popular vote, just like George W. Bush didn’t in 2000. Trump didn’t need to win the popular vote to win the presidency; all one needs is a majority of electoral college votes.

Electoral college votes are assigned based on the popular vote totals on a state by state basis, and more densely populated states have more electoral votes. Trump won enough densely populated states to clinch the presidency.

This fact is most definitely was has so irked Trump that he devotes so much energy to emphasizing that, even if he lost the popular vote, he did, in fact, win the electoral college.

He just can’t let it go that a majority of Americans don’t actually support him enough to cast their vote for him. Sure, plenty of Americans have begrudgingly resigned themselves to Trump, but, the fact of the matter is, Trump’s “big” support base only exists among white people.

There’s more disturbing implications here as well, since if Trump can’t let the campaign season go, then when is he going to set himself towards actually becoming a functioning president of the United States? If he still operates in this sort of petty, won’t-ever-let-things-go manner, then what’s going to happen after he officially assumes control of the nation’s nuclear weapons in just a couple of weeks?

Featured Image via Win McNamee/ Getty Images.