BREAKING: Intense Sit-In Underway At U.S. Attorney General’s Office To Protest Donald Trump (DETAILS)


The Alabama NAACP is currently staging a sit-in protest at the office of U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions, who is President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for the next U.S. Attorney General.

Cornell Brooks, who’s Twitter bio identifies him as the President and CEO of the NAACP, tweeted an image of himself alongside fellow African American activists with the caption, “The NAACP and Alabama NAACP are occupying the Mobile [Alabama] office of Jeff Sessions — until he withdraws as a [Attorney General] nominee until we’re arrested.”

Brooks’s tweet is featured below.

The sit-in comes after the NAACP has already been very public about their opposition to Sessions’s nomination for Attorney General, even to the point of having already announced that they were going to stage a “demonstration” Tuesday afternoon.

Alabama State Conference NAACP Political Action Committee Chairman Jerry Burnet spoke in recent days to his community’s perception of Sessions, saying:

‘He could be a nightmare for civil rights for all people. There’s only one Constitution. Attorney General should be focused on the law as it is written, and not on their own personal feelings.’

Burnet isn’t going on nothing here in insisting that there is a distinct possibility that Sessions won’t be focused on the “law as it is written” while serving as the United States Attorney General.

The national website of the NAACP lays out what exactly it is in Sessions’s record that so disturbs the concerned members of the organization, points that are listed, in part, below.

  • Sessions supported the re-authorization of the 1965 Voting Rights Act in 2006, but called the bill “a piece of intrusive legislation” just months earlier.
  • When the Supreme Court struck down federal protections in 2012 that prevented thousands of discriminatory state laws from taking effect since 1965, Sessions declared it was “a good thing for the South.”
  • As a prosecutor in 1985, Sessions maliciously prosecuted a former aide to Martin Luther King for helping senior citizens file absentee ballots in Alabama
  • It was revealed during his failed 1986 federal judgeship hearing that Sessions had referred to the NAACP and the ACLU as “un-American” and “Communist inspired” because they “forced civil rights down the throats of people.”

And this is the guy that Trump picked to be Attorney General.

What the outcome of the NAACP’s sit-in protest will actually be — as in, if they’ll be arrested or not — remains to be seen.

As for Sessions, he will likely be confirmed as Attorney General, since the Republican Party controls the Senate and is thus in control of any and all confirmation hearings.

Featured Image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.