Michael Moore Just Gave A Terrifying Preview Of Incoming GOP Congress


The prospect of Donald Trump in the White House is so horrifying most of us haven’t even bothered to take a look at the incoming House Republicans who’ll soon get sworn in to Congress.

It’s bad enough that one of the GOP’s first moves was to gut the Congressional Office of Ethics to block investigations of future complaints against them and their fellow members of Congress (luckily, House Speaker Paul Ryan and other GOP leaders opposed it, and House Republicans are backing down).

But the current crop of House Republicans look like a bunch of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts compared to the ones that are getting sworn in on Tuesday. In a terrifying Facebook post that’ll make your skin frantically try to crawl away to Canada, Michael Moore warns us of the horrors to come.

‘In two minutes, my friends, the shitshow begins. The Republican majority will call to order the new 115th session of Congress at Noon ET.

And that’s when the attempted demolition of what we hold dear in our democracy begins.’

That’s right. Many of Donald Trump’s supporters cast their ballots for him because they thought he’d deliver the jobs and positive change they so desperately want. Instead, they’re about to get a double-dose of all the legislation House Republicans couldn’t get passed for their corporate masters because President Barack Obama had a veto pen and wasn’t afraid to use it.

Now, with the GOP controlling the White House, both houses of Congress, and — soon — the Supreme Court, we’ll see plenty of “change.” Alas, it won’t be the kind of change the American people had in mind.

Michael Moore points out that although House Republicans can’t enact the laws they want until President-elect Donald Trump takes office, they can start messing with Congressional committees and rules.

‘It will happen so fast, your head may spin. They can’t get actual laws enacted until they have a President who can sign them. That’s 17 days away. But what they CAN do is shake up the Congressional committees and change the Congressional rules.’

Michael Moore goes on to say this new GOP majority won’t extend the kind of courtesies Democrats have given in the past. And they don’t give a damn about neither having a mandate, nor winning the popular vote. This is war.

‘They can eliminate Congressional governmental watchdogs and redirect Congressional spending. They can do all that and more, and they won’t waste a minute doing it. Unlike our side, which operates with a Kumbaya/”Can’t-we-all-get-along”/wimp-induced mentality, the Republicans are already sitting on their Panzer tanks ready to steamroll themselves through the floors of the Senate and House which they both control.’

Michael Moore closes by urging us to flood the House’s telephone lines immediately by calling the U.S. House of Representatives at 202-225-3121 and asking to speak to our reps.

‘That onslaught of citizen revolt starts as soon as you see the period at the end of this sentence.’

Here’s Michael Moore’s Facebook rant in its full glory.

Featured image: Jemal Countess via Getty Images.