Rachel Maddow Explains Why Republicans Tried To Scrap Ethics Office (VIDEO)


Without warning, House Republicans held an unannounced meeting, during which they voted to cut the independent ethics office that is responsible for investigating potential misconduct of lawmakers and House staff members.

Basically what happened was that House Republicans voted to give themselves complete control over investigations, and ultimately, to decide whether they will investigate or not. With a GOP-controlled House and Senate, the removal of the independent ethics committee would remove any nonpartisan mediation and make it possible for House Republicans to assume full control.

During her show on Monday evening, MSNBC‘s Rachel Maddow reminded viewers that the Office of Congressional Ethics was “created eight years ago after a particularly lurid period of repeated congressional scandals.”

Maddow explained to viewers:

‘The new Congress gets sworn in tomorrow and what they say they are going to start working on out of the gate is a tiny little list,’ she began.

A clearly irritated and somewhat sarcastic Maddow continued, saying:

‘Rip up Medicaid, which is the health insurance that more than one in five Americans are on, kill the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, kill the Wall Street reforms that were put in place after the crash, the Dodd-Frank law, start privatizing the VA, which most veterans say they are very opposed to, and of course they want big tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and for corporations and that’s just the start, that’s what they want to start with.’

Without mincing words, Maddow went on to take a jab House Republicans:

‘Remember all those dozens of times they fake-repealed Obamacare? Now we know why they did it some many times: Practice, practice, practice.’

A horrified Maddow warned that scrapping the Office of Congressional Ethics means there would be “no more independent oversight of Congress.” Essentially, lawmakers would be able to monitor themselves for ethical concerns, and none of this information would be required to be released to the public.

Clearly, House Republicans would like to forget just why the ethics committee was created in the first place. Yikes.

Watch Maddow in all her sheer brilliance below, via YouTube:


Feature Image is a screengrab via YouTube.