Trump Caught Soliciting Private Donations To Fund His Failing Transition Team


Donald Trump brags about being a billionaire. Yet, strangely, the president-elect is struggling to find the necessary funds to pay the members of his transition team.

To compensate, Trump’s former campaign manager and current top aide Kellyanne Conway will be helping host a Thursday afternoon luncheon at a Westin hotel in Buffalo that is designed to be a fundraiser.

The event costs $5,000 to attend and has been described as “exclusive.” Congressman Chris Collins of New York — who has reportedly been on board the Trump Train ever since it first left the station — justified calling the event “exclusive” by telling WBFO 88.7, Buffalo’s NPR news station, that it is the “only fundraiser planned by the Trump camp outside of New York City.”

Collins also commented on why the fundraiser is happening in the first place, suggesting that Trump is “struggling” to pay his transition team member’s salaries. According to him:

‘Mr. Trump held a fundraiser down in New York City a few weeks back and did raise some money, but they have – I would use the word – ‘struggled’ to raise the private funds needed to pay these individuals who are working on behalf of the taxpayers but not being paid by the government.’

Critics have raised serious criticisms against the fundraiser. After all, isn’t it this kind of high dollar, “exclusive” fundraiser exactly what Trump spent months railing against during the campaign season when it was a mainstay of Hillary Clinton’s fundraising methods?

On that note, Erie County Democratic Chairman Jeremy Zellner commented to WBFO:

‘He hasn’t even taken the oath [of office], and Donald Trump is already breaking his promises to the American people. After campaigning on ‘draining the swamp’ and a commitment to the working class, Trump is sending his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway to Buffalo to grab big money from the same elite he railed against for a year and a half.’

Indeed, Zellner is on point since Trump definitely campaigned on a premise of being the guy to stand up for the white working class “little guys” of America. Now, however, this pending Conway-led fundraiser is far from the only incident where Trump has bucked his campaign season populist principles.

Take his Cabinet, for example, which is full to the brim with billionaires, who, in their top-level roles in the soon-to-be official next presidential administration, will, undoubtedly be working for billionaires’ principles.

There is also the distinct possibility that the Thursday fundraiser will be little more than an occasion for wealthy individuals to gain some kind of favor with the incoming presidential administration.

After all, if someone gives a substantial sum of money towards the effort of keeping Trump’s presidential transition team running smoothly, then is it really that far-fetched to suggest that someone will be automatically put on some sort of informal list of people to keep in mind when Trump makes policy decisions?

Trump’s already got a long list of such people via his decades spent building a global business empire, one of which the ins and outs of remain secret since Trump hasn’t ever released his tax returns.

Featured Image via DON EMMERT/AFP/ Getty Images.