Bernie Sanders Gets His Own Broadway Musical – You HAVE To See This (VIDEO)


Whoa. A Bernie Sanders musical moves his revolution into another realm. The Vermont senator and former presidential candidate is now walking in the same air as the wildly successful Broadway musical Hamilton. It all started during a blizzard.

Meira Marom met a stage manager from Harlem, a Coney Island seven-year-old with blue hair and an innate love for crotchety political candidates, a professional fire-breather with a Bernie tattoo on his elbow, and a filmmaker named Jeremy Kaplan.

The result was a one-night-only musical production Feel The Bern — A Musical Of The People, By The People, And For The People.

The Christmas-themed musical has a cast of eight and is about Bernie Sanders, even though he is Jewish. According to the Village Voice, Marom believes that Sanders is the gift that keeps on giving.

No one gets left behind. No matter their means nor background, they get a visit from him. Only Sanders’ gifts are the exact opposite of Santa’s consumerism-fest.

Okay, so the event is not quite Christmas. No, it is NotMeUs in the year 2132. The Sanders holiday shows a man returning to Earth as no other than Sanders Claus. Global warming has charred the world, and the seas have risen so high that Cleveland has become the new East Coast.

The little musical made the cover of the Village Voice:

Think of the song Santa Baby, and this comes to us:

‘Santa Bernie,

‘Please slip some healthcare under the tree, for me…

‘Been a pauper all year;

‘Santa Bernie, so hurry to the White House right now!’

The music tends to be in minor keys, maybe because the Sanders loss depressed so many people. Lyrics run to fracking and corporate greed. In a darkened performance hall, characters dressed in regulation flannel gave Bernie Sanders “The Hamilton Treatment:”

The musical is an “artistic moment of triumph for the Revolution.” Singers belt out:

‘O little town of Burlington

‘You rare, enchanting gem

‘Secure from real estate tycoons

‘The Bern hath vanquished them

Enlightened and progressive, so hip and full of spunk…’

The musical takes its audience to billionaires’ hypnotizing the masses, all except Bernie followers. But then the neoliberals at the next-century Democratic National Convention (DNC) betrayed those “Protectors of the Revolution.”

Finally, Bernie Claus arrives with the gift of socialism.

It makes one wonder “how amazing the musical guests at Bernie Sanders inauguration would have been:”

Featured Image: Michael Bland’s Twitter page.

H/T: Village Voice.