Fox News Offered Megyn Kelly A Ridiculous Amount Of Money To Stay With Them (DETAILS)


It’s been reported that Megyn Kelly, of Fox News fame, was offered a $100 million package if she would stay hosting her successful prime time show at the network instead of moving on to NBC as she’s planned.

According to Mediaite, sources spoke to them and said that the Kelly would make $25 million a year for four years and that offer came from Executive Co-Chairman of Fox News, Lachlan Murdoch.

Sources told Mediate that Gabriel Sherman, the New York Magazine reporter that scooped the story of Kelly “begging” for millions during negotiations with Fox was simply false. The source added that even after the $100 million, four year offer Kelly had already decided it was time to move on. Despite the fact that NBC’s offer was much lower than the one she received from Fox, Kelly still accepted it.

On Tuesday the news broke of Megyn Kelly leaving Fox News after 12 years of employment for NBC News. Kelly was clear that this career move was strategic and had more to do with being there for her children than anything else. She will now have a daytime show and a political show on Sundays with opportunities to participate in special political events on NBC News.

On her Fox News prime time show, The Kelly File, Kelly said:

‘After more than a dozen years at Fox News, I have decided to pursue a new challenge. This was a tough decision for me because I love this show, our staff, my crew, my colleagues here at Fox — and you, all of you.’

Of course, many people are critical of the change Kelly is making. Brian Steinberg published a piece for Variety saying:

‘NBCUniversal will spend millions of dollars each year for the next few in hopes that Megyn Kelly can succeed in areas in which she’s never been tested: daytime talk and Sunday newsmagazines.’

NBC Chairman Andy Lack has faith that Kelly’s new shows will succeed. Lack, speaking with The New York Times, said:

‘The thing about this is that is challenging but exciting as hell is that we love making new shows. You don’t get that opportunity that often any more, and you don’t get the opportunity to do that with a talent like Megyn.’

You can see Megyn Kelly, on her show The Kelly File, addressing leaving Fox News for NBC:

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