Intelligence Official Calls Trump Out For Tweeting Lies About Briefing Delay (TWEETS)


Despite President-elect Donald Trump’s insistence regarding the Russian hacking of government emails during the presidential elections that he “knows things about hacking” that other people do not, he deigned to agree to an intelligence briefing on the matter, although not right away.

For some reason, he decided at the time to receive the briefing days later and promised to make some kind of revealing announcement regarding the matter as if the U.S. presidency is some sort of reality television show that will get juicy if viewers tune in next week. No announcement has so far been forthcoming and Trump tweeted what he said was the reason why.

However, Peter Alexander of NBC News reports that intelligence officials are calling Trump out on his lies, saying that the date for the briefing was never moved. The plan had always been to meet on Friday.

It is impossible to understand why Trump does and says the things he does, especially on Twitter, but it’s clear that he spoke too soon in promising some mysterious announcement regarding the hacking. Remember when he promised that his wife was going to make some big announcement at a press conference about her immigration status, or his promised press conference in which he would let voters know what he intended to do about severing the conflicts of interest related to his business dealings?

Neither of those press conferences happened and it’s looking as though Trump’s big announcement to reveal his big secret information on the Russian hacking isn’t going to happen, either. So far, Trump has been content to lie about the scheduled date and trust the word of Julian Assange, which seemed to settle the matter for him.

It’s looking more and more like the American public will never have a definitive answer on just how deep the Russian influence of the 2016 election went or how much it influenced the outcome of Trump’s victory.

Featured image via Getty/Don Emmert