JUST IN: Obama Meets With Dem Lawmakers – Gives Specific Directions To Defeat Trump


Less than 3 weeks before Trump’s inauguration, Obama spoke behind closed doors urging Democrats to “not rescue” Republicans should they repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Obama also said that Republicans should “feel the heat” to craft a replacement version of Obamacare… but to let them deal with the consequences if that replacement is “something worse.”

Joe Biden chimed in, echoing Obama’s statement:

In terms of what the replacement care might look like, Donald Trump has been as vague as ever. Concerns have been raised about excluding those with pre-existing conditions and making changes to women’s health coverage. His statements to date however, don’t confirm anything:

“Terminate Obamacare and replace it, believe me, with something good.”

…Something good? That’s really going to put the approximately 16.4 million Americans who risk losing coverage at ease.

But Obama reportedly went one step further and proposed replicating 2009 Tea Party tactics to:

“Go send progressive activists and liberal activists and people who are going to be hurt by the loss of the Obamacare law … let Members of Congress know directly how they are going to be hurt by this law.”

Unfortunately, the tactics he’s referring to (of storming town halls) were ultimately a very negative thing for the Democratic Party, leading them to lose the House in 2010. Despite this, he remains firm that Democrats must be aggressive and let the Republicans hang themselves on this issue:

“Republicans are going to be punished by repealing the law”

Obama also urges people everywhere to start referring to the replacement as ‘TrumpCare,’ cementing accountability.

The current administration is clearly confident they will win this political debate. Based on what we’re seeing on Twitter, they might be right:

Featured image screenshot via CNN