Trump Idiotically Tweets That He Made Sales Go Up For Inaugural Singer – Not The Case


The president-elect certainly has his priorities in strange places.

On Wednesday afternoon, he wrote the following on Twitter about one of the performers slated to appear at his inauguration, “Jackie Evancho’s album sales have skyrocketed after announcing her Inauguration performance. Some people just don’t understand the ‘Movement.'”


He’s so vague. It’s as though he really is a dimwit, or hiding something, or both.

“Some people” — who are these people? Perhaps he is referring to the many performers who have flatly turned down the chance to appear at his inauguration? Opposition to Trump runs so deeply among the members of the entertainment community that there have literally been rumors circulating about a possible huge concert on January 20 designed to pull attention away from Trump’s inauguration.

If these performers are, indeed, who he’s referring to with “some people,” then it certainly would lead one to wonder why Trump’s priorities are so focused on the public image of his inauguration to lead him to Twitter-slam¬†those who don’t want to attend.

There’s something else notable as well. With all due respect to Evancho’s musical talent, Trump’s usage of the word “skyrocketed” is definitely dubious. He provides no citation for where he’s getting his information from.

The 16 year old singer’s “Someday at Christmas” album is currently sitting at number one on the Billboard Classical albums chart and at number 134 on the top 200 albums chart. Mind you, however, that last week, Evancho’s two year old Christmas album was at number 93 on the top 200 albums chart — meaning its sales are on the way down, not up — and there’s a good explanation for why it’s even on the top 200 chart in the first place which has nothing to do with Trump.

It was just Christmas.

Featured Image via Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images.