Ivanka Trump Seeks Wisdom Of Wall Street Tycoon To Assist Her In Running The Nation


Amidst preparations for a Trump presidency, it seems one Trump is being very tactful in her selections of advisers.

Ivanka Trump has been open about her more progressive views in terms of women’s rights and empowerment, as well as climate change, when compared to her father Donald. In many ways, we might hope and expect her to be a moderating influence on President Trump, as she takes on the functional duties of the First Lady.

Trying to balance advocating for her own priorities and beliefs while serving her father’s agenda is certainly not an easy position to be in. Without a doubt, trying to define exactly what this role will look like on a practical level would have most people a little overwhelmed.

It has been reported that in light of this, Ivanka has sought out counsel with Dina Powell: partner of Goldman Sachs, and president of the Goldman Sachs Foundation.

For Ivanka, this could be an extremely intelligent move for a variety of reasons and a drawback for others. Dina Powell checks seemingly all of Donald Trump’s boxes for staff, while having experience in areas that it seems Ivanka cares about.

For instance, Ivanka’s brand revolves around the #WomenWhoWork hashtag, centering around women engaging in healthy lifestyles and maintaining a good work-life balance. Some of the 2017 resolutions she shared on her website for instance, read:

“Grow a garden with my kids in the spring; teach my daughter to read; do one thing everyday to make a difference…”

Powell’s position with Goldman Sachs would likely be a big positive with President Trump, as Donald loves stacking his staff with those on Goldman’s payroll. All of the following picks fall under that category:

  • Treasury secretary (Steve Mnuchin)
  • Top economic advisor (Gary Cohn)
  • Senior counselor and former campaign CEO (Steve Bannon)
  • Transition team member (Anthony Scaramucci)
  • Securities and Exchange Commission (Jay Clayton)

Powell is also a millionaire. So much for draining the swamp.

She also has fairly recent White House experience, working under Republican presidents. At the White House she served both Bush presidents: first as an assistant secretary of state for educational and cultural affairs, followed by a chief of the personnel office.

Those reasons may in part be beneficial for Ivanka too, particularly when we consider the responsibilities Powell must have in terms of policy and staffing that Powell has with Goldman Sachs.

More than that, Dina brings with her plenty of experience assisting female entrepreneurs, particularly in the Middle East. It is rumored that Ivanka wants to utilize her newfound power to position herself as an American leader in female empowerment and employment.

Sources suggest that Ivanka Trump was hoping to bring Dina back to the White House as a top advisor on policy and staffing.

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