JUST IN: At Least 50 Electors Who Voted Trump Were Seated Illegally (DETAILS)


In an eye-opening feature, a bipartisan legal team revealed that at least 50 electors who voted for Donald Trump were seated illegally. Per Steven Rosenfeld at Alternet, it was proposed that the confirmation of the 2016 Electoral College results on Friday, Jan. 6 be paused. This is adding to history with only two previous attempts at challenging the electoral college results.

‘We have reason to believe that there are at least 50 electoral votes that were not regularly given or not lawfully certified (16 Congressional District violations and 34 Dual Office-Holder violations. The number could be over a hundred. We urge you to prepare written objections for January 6.’

There have been several protests and attempts at averting the inauguration of Donald Trump on Jan. 20th. Loopholes are being sought so that we can find a way to get around the Golden Wrecking Ball becoming the leader of the U.S. and destroying our nation. There are claims stating that many votes were cast by disqualified individuals who resided outside of the congressional districts they appear for or they held elective office in states that forbid dual office holdings.

‘Specifically, at least 16 electors lived outside the congressional districts they represented in violation of state statutory residency requirements, and at least 34 electors held dual offices, in direct violation of statutes prohibiting dual-office holding.’

Several states were connected to this fraudulent activity, including Oklahoma, Indiana, Texas, Arkansas, and North Carolina with an atrocious possibility of seven illegal electors.

The arrogant, narcissistic President elect crowing about on twitter regarding the electoral votes was laughable.

According to the Constitution, the Congress will choose from the top three candidates if no one wins during the first round of balloting. If it gets that far, who will it be: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or Bernie Sanders?

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