JUST IN: Senator Elizabeth Warren Releases HUGE Career Announcement (VIDEO)


The ever popular warrior for the common man and woman Senator Elizabeth Warren announced Friday morning she is staying in the fight for the American people. She is seeking a second term from her Massachusetts constituents. It will be fun to watch Warren with her special talent for getting under the skin of near-president Donald Trump.

Democrats are considering Warren as a possible presidential candidate in 2020. Even though she is running again for her US Senate seat, a win wouldn’t stop her from running for president.

According to the Boston Globe, Warren sent an email to her extensive list of supporters:

‘I am running for re-election in Massachusetts in 2018.’

Warren wants to save people from being crushed by “billionaires, bigots, and Wall Street Bankers:”

‘The people of Massachusetts didn’t send me to Washington to roll over and play dead while Donald Trump and his team of billionaires, bigots, and Wall Street bankers crush the working people of our Commonwealth and this country.’

Red Sox pitcher and born-again uber-conservative Curt Schilling could possibly challenge Warren in her Senate race. The Republican said that he is considering the possibility.

Last year, the Massachusetts senator sent up a trial balloon about becoming a potential vice president nominee for Hillary Clinton. She would have fit nicely in Clinton’s cabinet, too. But of course, the woman who came closest to becoming the first female president and won the popular vote by nearly three million, lost.

Part of Warren’s announcement included an request for small-dollar donations, because this could be a very expensive Senate race:

‘I don’t kid myself: the upcoming fights in the Senate – and our campaign in Massachusetts in 2018 – are likely to be uglier and nastier than anything we’ve ever imagined. I’m not taking anything for granted.’

The Massachusetts senator dove right into the Republican nest of hateful attacks:

‘The smears and right-wing attacks from Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, the Koch Brothers and Wall Street aren’t about to get a little worse – they’re about to get A LOT worse. We cannot and will not allow the Republicans and the powerful interests to sink our campaign the same way they sank so many campaigns in 2016.’

Warren has pledged to work for the people of the United State toward debt-free college, a higher minimum wage, and protection from Wall Street schemes:

‘I will fight today, tomorrow, next week, this year, next year and as long as I’m standing to build a future – not just for some of our kids, but for all of our kids.’

Given the terrifying aspect of living under a Trump presidency, Congress members like Warren are vital to keep the country safe and sane.

Check out this video below of Elizabeth Warren fighting for coal miners. It is amazing!

Featured Image: Getty Images/Justin Sullivan.

H/T: Boston Globe.