Tomi Lahren Compares Beating Of White Teen To Brutal Murder Of Nine Blacks (VIDEO)


Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren blew a gasket on her show, expressing outrage that the Facebook-streamed attack on a young, disabled white man did not raise the same outrage that the gunning down of nine black churchgoers by Dylann Roof did.

Lahren seemed furious that the attack on the disabled man was not immediately flagged as a hate crime, even though, in fact, all three were charged with hate crimes and other felonies during the investigation that was concluded in one day.

According to The Washington Post, the four young African-Americans were charged with hate crimes on Thursday for torturing a disabled man, which they filmed and shared on Facebook. The assailants were heard shouting obscenities about white people and President-elect Trump during the attack. The victim survived the brutal, five-hour attack and is said to be under the care of his parents after police found the 18-year-old wandering the streets “in distress.”

In an effort to rile her angry, white demographic, Lahren gets her facts wrong from the beginning, saying:

‘Chicago police aren’t sure if it was politically motivated. Are you freaking kidding me? This is the definition of a hate crime, and these four sick individuals deserve a seat on death row right next to Dylann Roof.’

Chicago police did, in fact, take the attackers into custody on Wednesday. They were all charged on Thursday with hate crimes, with some also facing aggravated kidnapping, aggravated battery, and unlawful restraint charges. All four are scheduled to appear in court on Friday, according to WaPo.

The attackers were heard saying “f*ck Donald Trump” and “f*ck white people” during the attack, but Lahren goes off on an illogical tangent in order to enhance the drama.

‘Because the breakdown of the American family has left young people — especially in the inner cities — with no role models. That’s why they turn to celebrities and rap stars who chant “eff Trump” for guidance and leadership.’

Then Lahren went into a tirade about “reverse racism,” claiming that the story didn’t get the same kind of coverage as it would have were the roles reversed and the victim had been black.

‘If the race roles were reversed here, can you imagine the coverage? The race of the assailants would be plastered on every deadline from here to Timbuktu, but if it doesn’t fit the race-baiting agenda of the left and their cohorts in the mainstream, it doesn’t quite get the same attention.

‘If this thing wasn’t paraded on Facebook Live, the mainstream would have likely diluted, dismissed or outright ignored it,” she said. “If it bleeds, it leads — but only if it’s the right color, huh?’

Apparently, Lahren hasn’t seen the over 2.1 million results on Google showing news agencies covering the story of the attack and subsequent arrest of the offenders. Nor has she noted that every single major and minor newspaper and news network is covering it, with even president Barack Obama calling the attack “despicable.” There is no lack of commentary expressing outrage at the brutality of the attack. This is not a story that is being buried. And thankfully, it isn’t.

Lahren also makes a ludicrous comparison to the crimes of Dylann Roof, who gunned down nine individuals in a South Carolina church because they were black. Although both crimes were hate crimes, as an op-ed from D. Watkins published Friday on says:

‘I’m not sure if Lahren understands that the Chicago victim is alive and his alleged assaulters were instantly arrested and charged.’

Lahren also nonsensically comments on the Black Lives Movement, which was blamed via social media shares when it was distributed with the hashtag #BLMKidnapping.

‘I can’t and I won’t sit here and say this was a Black Lives Matter-motivated act — we don’t know that. I do hope the group comes out and makes it clear these thugs are not what BLM stands for — I hope to see that.’

Lahren got her wish when Deray McKesson, a prominent BLM activist responded with a tweet.

Lahren posted a video of her rant on her Facebook page, which has an interesting quote in the header image. She quotes herself, saying:

‘Whether you love what I’m saying or hate what I’m saying, you’re having a reaction to it, and that is exactly what needs to happen in the country.’

Actually, an unthinking emotional “reaction” is exactly what Tomi Lahren needs you to have to keep her in Prada handbags and Botox filler.

You can watch her rant here, captioned: “Would the mainstream media even touch this if it weren’t plastered to Facebook? My Final Thoughts…”

Featured image: Video screen shot via The Blaze.