Whoopi Goldberg Lashes Out Against Ex-Fox Host On Live TV -‘BULLSH*T!’ (VIDEO)


The View’s Whoopi Goldberg took conservative Jedediah Bila to task over the possible defunding of Planned Parenthood by Republican Congress members.

Friday’s edition of popular panel talk show The View covered the planned removal of Planned Parenthood from federal funding as supported by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. And it resulted in an uproar when conservative co-host Bila insisted on propagating known falsehoods and fraudulent claims by extremists.

Bila refused to understand the difference between private and public funds, but host Whoopi Goldberg put her lies into perspective, saying:

‘Do people still not have their facts straight about who’s going to actually be affected by Planned Parenthood’s removal? There is no line item in the federal budget that goes to Planned Parenthood.’

The segment was introduced with a quick recap on what Planned Parenthood services really mean, especially to low-income women who would not normally be able to undergo important health services due to location or lack of money.

The money budgeted by the federal government for Planned Parenthood covers many health services specific to the needs of women, and by law does not fund abortions.

Goldberg added:

‘No tax dollars. Can we just say that again? Because the myth of federal tax dollars for abortions has been discredited, we’ve said it a million times, all those videos you keep seeing have been discredited.

‘The only people who are going to eat it when Planned Parenthood goes away are women who need the services.’

The uproar occurred next, when Bila, a conservative, argued that religious people don’t like the idea of “donating to an organization they feel condones and supports something that they don’t.”

‘It’s their money. So they’re saying look, you want to have an abortion? That’s your right, that’s your body—’

But Goldberg cut her off, saying:

‘Apparently it’s not, because If it was my right, you wouldn’t give a crap whether I was having an abortion.’

When Bila continued to argue, Goldberg put her straight, saying:

‘Whether you subscribe to people having abortions or not should have nothing to do with what I do or what I need. If I’m a low-income person and I’ve been raped, you don’t have the right to tell me if I should have an abortion.’

Goldberg tried to explain the situation by comparing the issue of funding Planned Parenthood with the “Wall” that President-elect has promised to build on the border with Mexico. During his campaign, Trump “promised” he would have the Mexican government pay for its construction, but new reports show that he and his team are looking for U.S. taxpayers to cover the cost until he can convince our southern neighbor to foot the bill.

Goldberg said:

‘Look, I don’t want to pay for this new wall that suddenly we are now paying for. My religious background says that I’m supposed to make sure that people are serviced, that’s what my religion says. I’m not there to judge. God judges.

‘I’m paying for stuff I don’t want to pay for — I don’t want to pay for a wall.’

Joy Behar then broke the tension with a hilarious crack, noting:

‘The thing about it is Donald Trump doesn’t pay taxes period, so he’s not going to pay for the wall or that.’

But after the laugh, Bila tried to argue by referencing the now debunked “undercover” videos of Planned Parenthood trying to profit from the sale of fetal tissue resulting from abortions.

Bila started to bring those same videos up as a reason to defund Planned Parenthood.

‘I know you brought up the videos that some people feel have been debunked—’

Again, Whoopi Goldberg cut Bila off in mid-lie, saying

‘Listen, they’re bullsh*t!’

The videos have been so thoroughly debunked that a Texas grand jury opted to indict the two anti-abortion fanatics who crafted and edited the videos. The two were charged with tampering with a governmental record, which is a second-degree felony and carries a potential sentence of up to 20 years in prison, according to The Houston Chronicle.

Goldberg then summed up the reality of living in a democracy and having to make reasonable compromises when it comes to public policy.

‘My thing about America is that people have to pay their fair share for things they don’t like and things they do like. You may not like abortion—don’t have one.’

Although three percent of Planned Parenthood services are for abortions, the remaining 97 percent of services are for other reproductive health services, such as birth control, STD identification and treatment, and well-woman health checks. The remaining services also include general health services such as for smoking cessation, flu and tetanus shots, and diabetes and blood pressure screenings.

Some are pointing to the reduction in funding for low-income health clinics as the cause of the rising maternal death rate in Texas to near third-world levels, which recently cut its family planning budget by more than $70 million and put abortion clinics out of business by raising the standards for hospital access above reasonable parameters.

Others, including Elliott Main, medical director of the California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative and professor at Stanford University School of Medicine, blame the overall focus of prenatal care on the survival of the infant, rather than on the overall, long-term health of the mother, which is exactly why Planned Parenthood offers general health services along with reproductive health services.

You can watch Whoopi Goldberg school Bila in the video below.

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