Hollywood Celebrities Make Heartbreaking Farewell Video For President Obama (VIDEO)


What’s your President Obama moment?

Jacob Philadelphia’s moment is probably when he got the chance to touch President Obama’s hair.

Ask any brown person with kinky, wavy, wavy, coily or dreadlocked hair what they hate to be asked most about their hair, and you’ll likely hear, “I hate when people ask if they can touch it.” That question is often posed as an insult, backhanded compliment, etc., by people who don’t appreciate the texture and what it offers.

When Jacob asked The President about his hair, Mr. Obama knew that it was far from an insult.  He knew that it was a high compliment. In true PBO fashion, he leaned down low and told the child to touch his hair.  When the boy did, he was excited to feel that The President had hair like his.

Many children are raised to believe they can be anything they want to be.  In America that often means anything but President and other offices/jobs traditionally held by only whites, especially white males.

For people of all different ethnicities, religions, genders, etc., President Obama has represented their unique beliefs, looks and more.  Inviting young Jacob Philadelphia to touch his hair showed just how much The President got it where his status as a symbol of what’s possible for anyone, is concerned.

For celebrities and others in influential positions, the Obama presidency has meant the first time in a while that a president used popular culture and its role players to affect change and reach those who haven’t historically been engaged in the political process.

It’s no wonder that stars from the big and small screens, music, stage and more are coming out in large numbers to create “goodbye” videos and other tributes for the outgoing first family.

From Leonardo DiCaprio’s work on climate change policies to Ellen Degeneres’ efforts to raise awareness around gender and LGBTQ issues, President Obama has recruited stars from all backgrounds to use their platforms to reach people and remind them that they too are part of the political process.

Yes, people are sad.  Yes, the sadness is sincere.

President Obama has represented hope, sincerity and transparency.

POTUS-Elect Trump represents division, hate, dishonesty, greed and the kind of Jim Crow racism that proved that Americans of African descent were neither respected nor accepted in this country.

As the Liberal Redneck put it,

‘Going from Bush to Obama to Trump is like finding out you have leukemia, it goes into remission and you get back in the gym and slowly but surely over years you build your strength back.  You’re getting healthy, you’re putting weight on and right when everything is going good, you can see your abs, you get hit by a fucking truck made out of terds.’

Yes people are recalling their Obama moments.  Those moments are going to be what get some folks through the next four years of being hit by a truck driven by the alt-right.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube.