JUST IN: MSNBC Reveals The President-Elect’s Serious Business Ties To The Mob (VIDEO)


Scott Dworkin, the founder and president of Bulldog Finance Group, who also happened to serve as a senior advisor on the “Draft Biden” and “Run Warren Run” campaigns, spoke with MSNBC’s Joy Reid to discuss Donald Trump’s mob ties on Saturday morning’s edition of AM Joy.

Dworkin is also the senior advisor of the The Democratic Coalition Against Trump, as well as the creator of #TrumpLeaks.

#TrumpLeaks was used to feature newly surfaced video, audio, and documents pertaining to the president-elect, which started during the 2016 presidential election in hopes of displaying the vastly corrupt side of the Republican presidential then-nominee.

Sitting down with MSNBC’s Joy Reid, Dworkin discussed his latest research and how it points to the president-elect’s alleged mob ties.

‘One of the key things to note is that his father was tied with the mob, and during the Senate testimony – at an FHA hearing, he admitted that there was 25 percent ownership of one his companies by the mob.’

Speaking about Trump’s mob connections, he continued:

‘Whether or not he’s had direct business dealings with them is not a question — it’s very clear that he has. He has longstanding ties — since he was born — with the mob. So this goes back decades, and it’s not something that has just popped up overnight.’

Dworkin also went on to name Russian mobsters, who he believes Trump also has ties with. He believes his mob connections are not just within the United States, but are in fact on an international level.

‘He definitely has extensive ties with the mob, a lot of his funding has come through the mob, and a lot of his work associates have been directly related with the mob or in the mob itself.’

Watch the clip below, via Twitter:

#TrumpLeaks was, in part, a retaliation after Hillary Clinton’s private email correspondence with campaign chairman John Podesta were leaked to the media leading up to the election. In a statement from Democrats regarding the #TrumpLeaks initiative, Dworkin explains:

‘WikiLeaks, which we are pretty sure the Russians and possibly even the Trump campaign are behind, is dumping thousands of documents about Clinton to the media on an almost daily basis.’

In another clip from his interview with Reid, Dworkin calls Trump “one of the biggest mobsters in the world.”

Dworkin also worked on President Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns.

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