Republican Blowhard Michelle Malkin Just Said The Dumbest Thing Ever To Air On Fox (VIDEO)


Michelle Malkin is a conservative blogger who has been a Fox News Channel contributor since 2001. She has repeatedly shown her dislike for liberals; more specifically, her dislike for President Obama with her snarky, slandering remarks.

Today on Fox News, Malkin didn’t skip a beat transposing the subject at hand from the brutal attack in Chicago to her personal, targeted criminals: a large portion of Americans who have opposing political views.

Michelle lessened the importance of the actual attack in Chicago by turning it into a racial dispute and placing blame on President Obama.

Michelle expressed her disgust for the Black Lives Matter movement being the guideline of what is and is not okay to allow during a hate crime. When she was asked for her reaction to the heinous crime being publicized on social media, she had a nasty response:

‘Well, because Chicago is the poster child of the violent and sick hellhole of progressivism. And it lies squarely at the feet of the likes of Rahm Emanuel, the Democratic daily machine and, yes, President Obama and his wife themselves who come from Chicago.’

Malkin bashed and accused liberals of ignoring and falsely reporting racism in order to politically build themselves up, as people like her often do.

‘Liberals ignore racism within their own ranks. They make it up when it doesn’t exist. And they manufacture it for their own political gain. Shame on them.’

The four individuals who committed the crime do not represent Black Lives Matter.  Unlike when people of color are killed by the police, sparking the Black Lives Matter protests, where usually no one gets arrested and justice is rarely ever served, in the Chicago crime that Maklin is discussing, people went to jail. They are being charged with hate crimes.

Maklin is wrong for making the topic of the discussion race or President Obama.  The important thing to focus on is justice being served and hoping that this young man recovers fully and receives the help and therapy that he needs to continue his life without any residual effects from trauma.

Featured image screengrab via video.