Rumors Surrounding Hillary’s Future In Politics Goes Viral – Clinton Remains Silent


New York City needs a new mayor, and top Democrats think they have just the woman for the job: Hillary Clinton.

After Clinton’s startling loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, many people were left wondering what role the former senator of New York would take on next.

Rumors have been swirling for days that Hillary Clinton is seriously considering putting in a bid to oppose current mayor Bill de Blasio. De Blasio, a Democrat, is able to run again but may not find himself particularly successful. Over his term, his popularity has tanked among citizens and the media is not paying a blind eye to his shortcomings. The New York Post rang in the new year with a bang, calling the mayor out:

‘[V]agrancy is way up, along with aggressive panhandling and related intrusions into public spaces. Plus, streets seem dirtier, graffiti is out of control, traffic is a nightmare, and the subways are crowded beyond belief…The mayor and his administration have been the subject of one state or federal investigation or another from his earliest months in office.’

In the presidential race, Clinton swept New York, accumulating 79% of the city’s votes, despite her opponents’ ties to the city. In her previous role as a two-time United States senator, it was in New York where she was elected. At her election-night event in New York, people were absolutely devastated as the results took a turn for Trump.

No doubt making the decision difficult however, is the fact that de Blasio is the very man who helped her to secure her first seat as a senator in New York. While one might think that would make Clinton re-consider, the Clinton camp seems reluctant to discount the idea. Despite attempts by major media outlets, Hillary Clinton has not responded to requests to comment.

From a practical standpoint for New York City voters, Hillary Clinton could be a very valuable person to have in their corner in such a role:

  • Her campaign for the White House, while falling to far left for the average American fits perfectly with New York’s affiliations and views
  • New Yorkers haven’t forgotten the work she did as a Senator, or the efforts she put in after 9/11
  • She could use her platform in Washington to get them to be more responsive to the needs of New York
  • She is well-known as highly diligent and the city that never sleeps is certainly in need of an organized, hard-working mayor

…Even Donald Trump complimented her in his victory speech for how hard she fought him:

‘…congratulated her and her family on a very, very hard-fought campaign. I mean, she — she fought very hard. Hillary has worked very long and very hard over a long period of time, and we owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country. I mean that very sincerely.’

That’s pretty big praise for a guy like Donald Trump.

There’s also benefits to having Hillary Clinton as mayor of New York as well:

  • She would get to remain in politics in a public service role
  • Serving as New York mayor has long been informally considered the ‘second toughest job in America’
  • Her husband, Bill Clinton still has an office located in the city

As well, New York has never had a female mayor. Therefore, a move like this would be a fantastic opportunity for her to raise people’s spirits again. In some ways, she now has a better opportunity to empower young women and girls: to show them that when you try and fail, you get back out there.

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